Las Vegas’ Latest Scandal: Nachogate at Fontainebleau

Posted on: January 24, 2024, 10:55h. 

Last updated on: January 25, 2024, 04:55h.

UPDATE: In response to the story you’re about to read, the Fontainebleau announced on Thursday, Jan. 25, that the nachos at its sports book, also known as The Tavern, have been upsized.

“We hope you’ll excuse our growing pains while the nachos went through their awkward phase,” the resort tweeted along with this photo. “We’re thrilled to report they’ve matured into one stacked snack.”

EARLIER: he latest Las Vegas scandal identified by local social media influencers has nothing to do with cheating casino dealers or politicians paid off by baseball teams. It’s the price charged for a plate of nachos by the sportsbook at Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

plate of nachos
This $24 plate of nachos was served on January 22 to a Twitter user who wasn’t happy about it. (Image: Twitter/X)

“Hey @fblasvegas,” tweeted @MuTigerMike on January 22. “We waited an hour for food in the sportsbook and this is our nachos???”

Accompanying his tweet, which has now received 1.2M views, was a photo of a plate consisting entirely of six nachos, which were nearly outnumbered by the four sauces served to dip them into.

Needless to say, social media took the $4-per-nacho ball and ran with it.

“If that’s their standard nachos in a sportsbook, they need to up their game big time,” replied @TomD80106675. “This isn’t Miami Beach.”

“Nachos for ants,” replied @JessMagdefrau.

@JacobsVegasLife replied with a photo of the 12 oz New York Steak & Eggs dish, available at the Strat Café for $29.

But the most important comment came from Twitter/X user @LasVegasLocally, because that’s how the scandal received its official name: “Nachogate.”

After confirmation that Fontainebleau’s Vice President of Revenue Management, Angie Dobney, became the fourth executive shed by the casino resort since it opened last month, @LasVegasLocally noted that she was “the first to leave since Nachogate began.”

They Bleau it

The social media manager for Fontainebleau Las Vegas replied to @MuTigerMike a day later, apparently attempting to purchase the silence of its most famous food critic so far.

Hello Mike,” read the casino resort’s official tweet. “We are disappointed to hear that you waited an hour for your meal, and we value your feedback regarding this menu item. Our priority is ensuring an elevated dining experience for every guest. If you would like to discuss what happened, please DM us with further information.”

The casino resort’s handling of Nachogate was savagely summarized by @WesMcQ from a social marketing perspective.

“Hey, @fblasvegas,” the account tweeted, “you’re getting about $110k worth of earned social impressions for something that will cause everyone who sees it to never set foot on your property. Then the regular social media person uses the stock negative Yelp review response. Big yikes. Call your boss for help on this one, or you’re probably getting fired.”