Kangwon Land Casino Takes Novel Approach to Gambling Exclusion

Posted on: December 23, 2021, 09:34h. 

Last updated on: December 23, 2021, 10:40h.

Kangwon Land in South Korea is instituting a new responsible gambling program. It will soon allow a gambler’s family members to email the casino to request a 10-day ban be put in place.

Kangwon Land Casino
The Kangwon Land Casino in South Korea is helping gamblers be more responsible. It is introducing a new program that will allow family members to more easily request temporary or permanent bans. (Image: Kangwon Land)

For those who sometimes can’t help themselves and get carried away with their gambling activity, Kangwon Land is lending a hand. GGRAsia learned that the only casino in South Korea that accepts locals, as well as foreigners, is launching a new program as of January 1. Family members will be able to contact the casino via email or fax to request a gambler be banned for 10 days.

A New Approach to an Old Problem

The initiative will be available for local and foreign gamblers. It’s a way for families to provide responsible gambling measures for their loved ones. An immediate family member, including grandparents, can contact the casino to request the ban. Once contact is made, the ban will be placed into effect immediately.

The 10-day ban is a start, and can offer a strong safety net. However, if a gambler needs a longer time-out, Kangwon Land is ready as well. The individual will need to supply the necessary paperwork by mail or through an in-person visit, and will have to explain the reason for the ban.

That individual can choose a one-year, a three-year, or a permanent ban. The latter should be used only in the most severe circumstances, since the casino indicates that it cannot be revoked. Kangwon Land personnel in charge of reviewing the requests will likely also provide feedback before pulling the trigger on the permanent ban.

Kangwon Land Helps the Community

Previously, family members were able to request a ban, but only by visiting the casino. With COVID-19 issues being what they are, some people are less willing to venture out. In addition, being able to email or fax a request adds almost a sense of anonymity. This could allow contact with casino for a ban when someone might otherwise not be so willing.

The person with whom GGRAsia spoke at the casino said that 55 individuals had been banned during the first seven months of this year. That is a relatively low number. But traffic at the casino was greatly reduced during the period.

The number of daily visitors allowed at the casino was increased at the beginning of November, going from 1,800 to 2,300. That was later increased to 3,000. However, a resurgence of COVID-19 in South Korea has resulted in another slowdown.

Beginning December 18, Kangwon Land reduced its operating hours, running only from 10 AM to 10 PM every day. The new policy will be in place until at least January 2.

The casino, about three hours from Seoul, has seen several stops and starts. The third quarter of the year was a stop, with a net profit of KRW20.42 billion (US$17.2 million) reported. That was a 2.4% dip from the previous quarter.