James Packer “Dumps” Mariah Carey for Being a Diva

Posted on: October 30, 2016, 10:00h. 

Last updated on: October 28, 2016, 12:10h.

Mariah Carey and James Packer split
James Packer and Mariah Carey are no more. Sources say Packer got sick of his fiancée’s excessive spending and reality TV ideas. (Image: AP)

Australian casino mogul James Packer has reportedly “dumped” his fiancée Mariah Carey over reality TV, diva-ish behavior, and extravagant spending.

Aussie magazine Woman’s Day broke the news that Packer was mortified at Carey’s decision to air their day-to-day life on TV in a reality show called “Mariah’s World.”

The show, according to the promotional blurb, “offers fans an inside look at her extraordinary and exclusive lifestyle as she gears up to jet set across Europe for her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour and wed Australian billionaire James Packer.”

Ten Million-Dollar Engagement Ring

Ouch. Unfortunately, Carey’s “extraordinary and exclusive” lifestyle has just got even more exclusive, with the self-exclusion of Packer, who has decided it’s not for him after all.

She will, however, get to keep the $10-million 35-carat engagement ring he gave her in January. And when a man who buys a $10 million dollar ring accuses someone of extravagant spending, we can only imagine that Carey must be off the charts.

But, really, what did Packer expect, having wooed the world’s famously most demanding diva? Did he expect her to suddenly morph into a soccer mom, perhaps? This is, after all, the woman who (allegedly) refuses to enter a restaurant until her own music is playing, and who travels with 15 bodyguards so that they can then form a ring around the table to shield her from other diners.

This is also a woman who sleeps with 20 humidifiers in her bedroom in order to “care for her voice” and refuses to communicate through the medium of speech in the run up to her shows.

She once demanded to be lowered onto the sofa of a chat show to avoid creasing her dress. And once, when signing autographs in London, she had an antique table, covered with silk cloth, flown in from New York, while she sat on a throne that was surrounded by roses and butterflies.

Trouble in Paradise

In short, she’s hard work. And clearly she’s way too much work for the famously laid back Australian, even one who likes a challenge and appreciates the value of hard work, like the billionaire Packer.

Woman’s Day assiduously pieced together the last movements of the apparently deceased relationship, noting, for example, that Packer had not appeared on Carey’s Twitter feed since July.

Meanwhile, News.com.au revealed that Carey spent Halloween with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, although the fact that Halloween is next weekend might be cause to question the veracity of this report.

TMZ, as usual, had an even more scandalous bombshell to drop. “Our sources say what may have been the deal breaker for Packer came when she had some sort of rendezvous with one of the dancers in her Vegas show,” trilled the website. “… something that is on video for the reality show,” it added.

Carey this week cancelled most of her Latin American tour, citing “promoter negligence.”