Girl Wins California Lottery Twice in One Week

Posted on: July 11, 2017, 05:00h. 

Last updated on: July 11, 2017, 05:00h.

Talk about about a lucky break! An American teenager somehow managed to win the state lottery not once but twice this week.

Rosa Dominguez wins lottery twice in a week
Lucky Rosa Dominguez brandishes two giant novelty checks bearing witness to the fact it is possible to win the lottery twice in a week. (Image: California Lottery)

Nineteen-year-old Rosa Dominguez was driving home from Arizona when she stopped at a gas station in Paso Robles in her home state of California, and decided to try her hand at a few five dollar scratch cards.

Dominguez promptly hit the jackpot, a top prize of $555,555.

“I was so nervous I just wanted to cry,” she told the California Lottery.

Not too shabby, but she wasn’t done yet. And the heartwarming bit about this story is that money didn’t change Dominguez. Instead of buying a Gucci handbag and strutting around like J-Lo, within days she was back at the gas station buying more scratchcards, just like when she was just plain old Rosa Dominguez.

This time, lightening struck twice for another six-figure sum of $100,000. And if you don’t believe us, check out our picture of her holding TWO giant novelty checks.

Presented with a PR opportunity like this, the California Lottery must have thought it’d won the lottery.

Guy Does It Twice in a Day

As freaky lottery streaks go, this is pretty impressive but it’s not the freakiest. We can do better.

In 2015, another Californian, Rodney Meadows, of Modesto, won 20 times Dominguez’s scoop with two wins on the same day.

Meadows bought a $30 California Lottery 30th anniversary scratch card from his local Fast Mart shop, winning $1,000. In Meadows’ own words he decided to “let it ride,” purchasing another three tickets, the last three left in the store, one of which netted him $10 million.

Some people do it twice a week, some people twice a day. For us, just once in our lifetime would be enough.

The lottery. We’re talking about the lottery

World’s Most Implausible Lottery Winner

All of this is blown out of the water, though, by the story of Croatian music teacher, Frane Selak, who is kind of the luckiest/unluckiest man in the world.

In 1962, the train on which he was traveling reportedly derailed and plunged down a canyon into a river, killing 17 passengers. Somehow he was pulled to safety, suffering little more than a broken arm and a nasty case of hypothermia.

The following year, he embarked on his first and only plane ride, only to be blown out of a malfunctioning plane door, landing in a haystack. The plane crashed, killing 19.

Three years later, a bus he was on fell into a river, killing four, but Selak survived, climbing out of the river with just cuts and bruises.

And so it goes on. Selak claims he cheated death in four more plausible but freakishly highly unlikely scenarios in the ensuing 25 years, until he won $1.1 million on the lottery in 2003. This last incident, unlike his other adventures, is documented and verifiable, as is the fact that he used his winnings to buy two houses and a boat.

Whether he made all the other stuff up or not, we can’t imagine too many people want to take a trip on this guy’s boat.