Former Pennsylvania State Representative Accused of Misappropriation Claims Gambling Addiction

Posted on: March 16, 2017, 02:15h. 

Last updated on: March 16, 2017, 02:10h.

Jesse White, a former Democratic Pennsylvania State Representative, was suspended from practicing law by the State Supreme Court on Wednesday for the alleged misappropriation of his clients’ funds.

Former Pennsylvania representative Jesse White loses license to practice law
Former Pennsylvania representative Jesse White is accused of misspending $96,000 of his clients’ funds in the second half of 2016. Last year he was sued by his own mother for allegedly opening a credit card account in her name. (Image: KDKA)

“Mr White has been placed on emergency temporary suspension in this Commonwealth after it has been found that his continued practice of law is causing immediate and substantial public or private harm,” read a court statement this week.

The Supreme Court order says White misspent more than $96,000 in funds, although he has not been charged with a crime.

The court found that in the last half of 2016, he spent all but $12,000 of money entrusted him to him by clients on matters completely unrelated to his representing them.

Fracking Internet Troll

The former Representative for Pennsylvania’s 46th District tried to block the suspension of his law license, arguing that he was being treated for “pathological gambling addiction.” The transfers were “all related to the gambling addiction,” he said.

White served in the Pennsylvania legislature from 2007 to 2014 but his reputation was tarnished by revelations in the press in 2013 that he had created a number of fictitious online personas, including a young blond woman by the name of “Ashley Jackson,” which he used to harass people.

According to one pro-fracking blogger, White created “an army” of fake social media accounts, through which he would troll and insult political opponents and others who disagreed with his staunch anti-fracking views.

Reports at the time noted that each persona had a distinct personality. Many of the “young women” he created, for example, were flirtatious, while “Texas Timmy Solobay” would make crude sexist remarks to women.     

He was ousted by Republican newcomer Jason Ortitay in the following year’s elections.

White also once lost a libel claim against a small local Pennsylvania newspaper which claimed he had set one of his own campaign signs on fire.

Sued By His Mother

Last year White was sued by his own mother, who accused him of stealing her identity to open a credit card account on which he racked up $27,000 in charges.

Expenditures included Pittsburgh Penguin tickets, as well as his own destination wedding in Las Vegas.    

White said his mother had opened the credit account on his behalf over a decade ago to help him set up his law practice. He claimed the lawsuit was a “vindictive” response to a dispute over babysitting rights.

He branded his mother’s behavior “childish.”