Ex-UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Reaches Plea Deal on Las Vegas Hotel Assaults

Posted on: July 19, 2023, 08:06h. 

Last updated on: July 21, 2023, 10:17h.

One-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Chael Sonnen recently agreed to a plea agreement where he will pay a $750 fine for allegedly assaulting several people. The violent incident occurred in 2021 at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas.

(UFC) fighter Chael Sonnen
UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, pictured above. He recently agreed to a plea deal related to assaults at a Las Vegas hotel. (Image: MMA Fighting)

The 46-year-old also pleaded no contest to a breach of peace charge, according to TMZ. Prosecutors dropped about a dozen original charges against him, including battery by strangulation.

Sonnen allegedly attacked several men and a woman in a hallway on the 35th floor of the hotel Oo Dec. 18, 2021. Among the victims were a married couple, Christopher and Julie Stellpflug of San Luis Obispo, Calif. The two were attacked while heading to their hotel room.

During the incident, Sonnen allegedly pushed a drink out of Christopher Stellpflug’s hand “without provocation,” punched him in the head, and choked him, according to the lawsuit filed by the couple.

Sonnen also allegedly pushed Julie Stellpflug against a lighting fixture and struck her in the face, which led to bleeding.

Victims Hospitalized

Christopher Stellpflug suffered marks on his neck. Julie Stellpflug suffered a split lip. Both claimed to have suffered concussions. Sonnen also struck a good Samaritan with his elbow, and he assaulted another man in the face, according to police reports.

When hotel security guards responded, Sonnen struck one of them in the nose with his knee and kicked another guard in the chest.

A hotel employee, Joshua Olds, filed another lawsuit against Sonnen after Sonnen punched him in the jaw, according to Las Vegas TV station KLAS.

Olds was “severely beaten about his face and person causing serious injuries,” according to the litigation. He is believed to be the first victim to have been struck by Sonnen.

Three of the victims were treated at a local hospital.

The two civil lawsuits remain active in Las Vegas courts. Each is expected to go to jury trials.

Victims Call For Justice

“We just want justice,” Julie Stellpflug has told the media about the case. “We did not deserve what happened to us.”

Previously, Christopher Stellpflug commented about the incident to a California TV station. The statements should have led to the dropping of criminal charges, Sonnen’s attorney had argued in prior months.

It is clear that if Mr. Sonnen could not form the requisite intent to commit a willful and unlawful battery, that he would be exonerated of all charges,” the defendant’s lawyer explained.

Previously, Julie Stellpflug said their account of events has never changed.

“Everything has remained consistent,” Julie Stellpflug told the media. “There’s nothing different.”

Sonnen Blames Ambien

Sonnen claimed he couldn’t remember the incident because he had taken an Ambien pill before the events. Sonnen appeared to be intoxicated at the time of the attack, according to statements made to police.

Sonnen also was described as being “in a state of undress and agitation” during the melee, KLAS reported.

Eventually, security officers apprehended Sonnen. He was reportedly incoherent when speaking to security guards that day. During much of the incident, Sonnen wore a white robe and a bloody T-shirt.

After being a fighter for UFC, Sonnen worked as an analyst for ESPN. He was dropped by the network following the assault allegations.