Double Jackpot: Maryland Woman Wins Lottery Game, Cash at Casino Within Hours of Each Other

Posted on: March 3, 2023, 05:58h. 

Last updated on: March 3, 2023, 01:24h.

A 31-year-old Maryland woman recently had a stream of amazing luck during an 11-hour stretch. She won $100K from a Maryland Lottery game just hours after she won $11K at the state’s Ocean Downs Casino, lottery officials revealed this week.

The facsimile check from the Maryland Lottery to a winner for $100K
The facsimile check from the Maryland Lottery to a winner for $100K, pictured above. The same lucky player, Chicklet, won $11K at a casino just hours before purchasing the lottery ticket. (Image: Maryland Lottery)

The first payout wasn’t enough for the would-be double winner, who uses the nickname “Chicklet.” She still felt lucky after leaving the Berlin, Md. gaming property at about 1 a.m., so she went to Thirsty’s, a local convenience store in her hometown of Princess Anne, at about noon.

She approached the self-serve vending machine, where the pink-colored Extreme Cash game ticket caught her attention.

I just bought that scratch-off because it stood out to me, and pink is my favorite color,” Chicklet explained in a statement from the lottery.

She then returned to her nearby residence and scratched away the hidden numbers. They showed she had won $100K. That’s the top prize in the Extreme Cash game.

For her, the lottery jackpot was indeed “surreal,” she said.

Works 12-Hour Days

Chicklet is a nursing assistant and has extended hours on the job. She works 12-hour shifts. Some of the money will pay for more schooling, which will help advance her career. She is also the mother of four children. Among them is a son who now lives in China. She plans to use some of her lottery winnings to fly thousands of miles to see him more often.

She recalls wearing the same clothes when she purchased the lottery ticket at the casino. She now says that outfit is “lucky.”

Chicklet is the 60th $100K winner in the Extreme Cash game. She also is the game’s third top-prize winner in the last two weeks, the lottery announced on Wednesday.

Game Explained

To win the Extreme Cash game, players must match any of their numbers to one or more of the six winning numbers. They then win the prize shown for that number.

If the ticket has a coin symbol, the player will the prize automatically. If the ticket has any of these multipliers, “2X”, “4X”, “5X,” or “10X”, the prize is multiplied by the amount shown. The probability of winning the game is one in 2.79, according to the lottery.

Thirsty’s will receive a $1,000 bonus for selling Chicklet the winning ticket.

There’s no word on what game she was playing at Ocean Downs Casino when she won $11K. The Churchill Downs Inc.-operated gaming property is about six miles west of the resort town of Ocean City, Md.