Blaze Frontman and Soccer Standout Neymar Creates ‘Environmental Catastrophe’

Posted on: July 5, 2023, 03:47h. 

Last updated on: July 5, 2023, 12:38h.

Neymar, the Brazilian soccer superstar and ambassador to online sportsbook Blaze, is in hot water for jumping into the water. As he might be preparing to leave French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Neymar is the center of a new legal mess in his home country for creating an environmental catastrophe that he calls an artificial lake.

Soccer player Neymar acting up on the field during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 games.
Soccer player Neymar acting up on the field during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 games. The Blaze frontman faces a fine of $3.3 million for causing environmental damage in his home country. (Image: Getty Images)

The Associated Press reports that Neymar must pay BRL16 million (roughly $3.3 million) after a Brazilian court sanctioned him for failing to comply with current environmental regulations. It’s the result of the construction of an artificial lake and a beach on his property in the town of Mangaratiba.

Neymar can appeal the decision if he wants, but the long list of violations would make it difficult. His reaction when confronted by the authorities would seem to indicate he doesn’t intend on responding.

Careless Disregard

The intervention of the Ministry of Environment was the result of unidentified neighbors who live close to Neymar’s home. Seeing that trucks of stones, sand, palm trees, and even an excavator were arriving outside the palatial home, they allegedly contacted the authorities and told them that something illegal was taking place inside.

Neymar’s mansion is in the middle of a panoramic landscape in Mangaratiba, about 78 miles west of Rio de Janeiro. Its front view is the South Atlantic Ocean and its back view is complete with rolling green hills and mountains.

The Ministry of Environment pointed out that Neymar committed dozens of environmental violations during construction. Among them are “carrying out work without authorization, collection and diversion of river water without authorization, and removal of land and removal of vegetation without authorization.”

The company that helped build the artificial lake, Genesis Ecosistemas, shared the work on social media. There, it pointed out that the illegal body of water covers 1,000 square meters (10,763 square feet).

Neymar also faces a charge of contempt. The authorities reportedly told him not to swim in the artificial lake when they paid him a visit last Friday. He ignored them and immediately jumped in.

The local council of Mangaratiba could hit Neymar with additional fines. It has said that it is still reviewing the incident to determine what additional charges may apply.

Neymar Back to Spain

It appears as though PSG is willing to give up its controversial star. The latest information coming out of FC Barcelona is that the two clubs have agreed to a transfer deal.

There’s nothing final yet – PSG said just over a week ago that it wasn’t willing to give up Neymar because Barcelona was going to ask for too much money. However, Fox Sports Mexico reports that it has become more amenable to the idea.

Neymar is now 31 years old and the average age at which players retire is 35. Amid his partying and nonstop antics off the field, he may be on the edge.

A return to Barcelona would likely cause mixed emotions. Neymar went from Brazilian club Santos to the Spanish club in 2013, which led to a Champions League title and a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

The title came in 2015, two years before Neymar left for PSG. DIS, a Brazilian sports investment company, held 40% of the “rights” to Neymar at the time. It accused Neymar, his family, Barcelona, and others of manipulating a deal that saw its percentage of the transfer price reduced.

A lawsuit ensued in Spain, with DIS pushing for Neymar to spend time behind bars. Last October, as Brazil was getting ready for the World Cup, a judge tossed the lawsuit.