Arrest Warrants Issued for Former Las Vegas 311 Boyz Member, Girlfriend 

Posted on: February 10, 2021, 04:33h. 

Last updated on: February 10, 2021, 04:46h.

A Las Vegas judge has issued arrest warrants for an ex-311 Boyz gang member and his girlfriend. The two are accused of swindling a lender out of more than $707,000. Some of the money was used for a gambling spree, authorities said.

Steven Gazlay, Dana Bevers
Steven Gazlay and Dana Nee are seen in Las Vegas police booking photographs. Authorities said the two criminal suspects fled from Las Vegas this week. (Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

District Judge Tierra Jones this week issued arrest warrants for Steven Gazlay and Dana Nee, both 36. Nee also is known as Dana Bevers.

The judge ordered Gazlay and Nee held without bail if they are found, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

A prosecutor told the judge that Gazlay might have fled to Arizona after cutting off an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. He was issued the device last week after being released from custody, the newspaper reported.

Nee skipped out on a videoconference court appearance Wednesday. Authorities said she might be with Gazlay.

“When house arrest was trying to convince Mr. Gazlay to come back, they were talking to someone they believed to be Ms. Nee,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Colleen Baharav. “They weren’t able to identify her by face, obviously, but she appears to be with him at this point.”

Paul Adras, an attorney representing Nee, asked the judge to give him a week to convince her to return.

Criminal History

Gazlay has been convicted of eights felonies, including beating a young man with a crowbar. He had been a member of the 311 Boyz gang, a group mostly hailing from middle- to upper-class families in the Las Vegas Valley, authorities said.

Gazlay was released from prison in 2019. The following year, he and Nee swindled a lender out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a mortgage scam, authorities said.

Gazlay is accused of using some of that money on a gambling spree.

Police said Gazlay has been banned from Station Casinos in the Las Vegas area “due to his excessive losses and fraudulent attempts at obtaining lines of credit with varying false information,” according to the newspaper.

Gazlay and Nee were set to appear in court this week on charges related to mortgage fraud. The charges include theft, coercion, forgery, and more.

Luxury Items

This is the second case of a Las Vegas resident recently being accused of using money obtained in a scam to gamble.

Jorge Abramovs, who is suspected of misusing COVID-19 relief funds, has been charged with bank fraud, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Abramovs is accused of applying for Paycheck Protection Program funds with at least seven banks. These federal loans are intended for struggling small businesses. He received loans totaling $1,986,737.46, authorities said.

Authorities said Abramovs used some of that money to buy two condominium units at the Veer Towers in Las Vegas. Together, the units are valued at more than $637,000.

Abramovs also is accused of buying a 2020 Bentley for $260,982 and a Tesla for $54,904.

According to news accounts, Abramovs also posted pictures on social media sites of himself gambling at Caesars Palace on the Strip.

He is not the first person in the region accused of misusing PPP loans. In July, a Los Angeles man was charged with spending federal relief money at Las Vegas casinos.