Amusnet Interactive Taps Phenix to Improve the Live Dealer Gaming Experience

Posted on: March 31, 2022, 10:11h. 

Last updated on: March 31, 2022, 10:38h.

The online gaming market is undergoing a number of transitions. One is the arrival of live dealer games, which Amusnet Interactive hopes to improve through a partnership with Phenix.

Bill Wishon of Phenix Real-Time Solutions (far right) participates in an SVG summit with Videon President and Founder Todd Erdley (far left) speaks with Sasson Pejhan of ATEME. The company will provide its technology solution to Amusnet Interactive to enhance its live dealer gaming experience. (Image: Videon)

The first slot machine appeared in 1891, the creation of a New York-based company. It was rudimentary, but at the same time, sophisticated in its operations. While there were obvious enhancements over the years, not much changed until 1976. This was when the first video slot arrived on the scene.

Innovation in land-based casino games followed a similar path. However, the online casino segment is evolving at a much quicker pace. Innovation is almost a daily occurrence, and Amusnet Interactive is ready for the next wave. Live dealer games have been around for only a few years, but are changing quickly.

Phenix to Drive Amusnet Interactive Growth

Amusnet Interactive, until recently EGT Interactive, is changing the iGaming industry. It partnered with real-time streaming technology company Phenix out of Chicago, IL, in hopes of taking live dealer gaming to a new level.

The growth of the online casino market is exponential year after year. It’s possible to sit down at a virtual table and play a few hands of poker, or select odd or even at the roulette wheel, with ease. However, for a long time, there was an element that was missing.

All of the bells and whistles associated with land-based casinos weren’t part of the equation. That changed with the development of the live dealer concept, which continues to gain significant ground. Now, online gamblers can enjoy a more realistic experience with a real croupier.

Partnering with Phenix strengthens our commitment to optimizing the player experience. With the help of its technology, we can ensure that even while virtual, our games are reliable and no one is ever left wondering what is happening when they make their bets,” said Amusnet Interactive Chief Product Officer Todor Zahariev.

Live dealer casinos are going to be a huge part of future online gaming options. However, there is still one issue that frustrates many users. Latency can be a problem, interrupting the experience and detracting from the enjoyment of gambling. This is where Phenix comes in.

Improving the iGaming Experience

Amusnet Interactive, which serves several countries in the European market, will incorporate the Phenix technology initially on only a few of its tables. This will provide them with real-time streaming with “sub-second latency,” with the addition of more tables as the partnership develops.

The inclusion of the technology reportedly doesn’t impact the quality of the interaction. It is also scalable, which will allow gameplay to run faster and smoother, according to a company press release.

Phenix developed adaptive bitrate technology that monitors all of the connections on the network to which it is applied. It is able to transcode the different streams into multiple resolutions in real-time. This allows gamers to receive the bitrate that fits their Internet connection speed and network quality the best.

In addition to improving the iGaming experience, Phenix’s technology is able to apply its technology to other industries, even those outside of gaming. It is already associated with Disney, as well as the Cheltenham Festival and Racecourse Media Group. With live betting becoming a large part of the sports betting experience, zero and near-zero latency are paramount.