Alvin Kamara: New Footage Shows Cromwell Las Vegas Attack

Posted on: November 7, 2022, 04:11h. 

Last updated on: November 8, 2022, 05:06h.

An individual identified as NFL star running back Alvin Kamara is shown raining down blows on a man in a hallway at The Cromwell Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. That’s in new video footage obtained by TMZ.

Alvin Kamara
Alvin Kamara, pictured. His victim Darnell Greene Jr., wants at least $10 million for the “unprovoked” attack at Drai’s. (Image: USA Today)

The New Orleans Saints running back was arrested by Las Vegas Metro Police on February 6, immediately after playing in the NFL Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium.

Kamara competed despite knowing he was wanted by police, according to the NFL.

He was charged with felony battery resulting in substantial bodily harm for an alleged assault on Darnell Greene the night prior. Three members of his entourage, including Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons, face the same charge, which comes with up to five years in prison.

Candid Kamara

In the attack by Kamara, Greene, of Houston, Texas, was knocked unconscious. He suffered a disfiguring broken orbital lobe, blunt force trauma to the head, and severe injuries to his shoulder, back, and neck, according to a $10 million lawsuit filed by the victim last month.

The suit claims the four men attacked “without justifiable provocation” after they met while waiting for an elevator exiting Drai’s nightclub on the roof of The Cromwell.

When the elevator’s doors opened, Kamara placed his hand on the victim’s chest to stop him from entering, according to Greene. The plaintiff says he removed Kamara’s hand, which prompted the running back to shove him into a wall and for Lammons to punch him.

The man identified as Kamara in the new video footage is shown repeatedly punching the victim, including after he goes to the ground, while others kick and stomp him.

Greene was left unconscious on the floor while Kamara and his entourage were escorted through a back door to the valet.

They got into a black Cadillac SUV and left the property. Meanwhile, Greene was picked up and wheelchaired to a medic before being taken to the hospital.

NFL’s Goodel Criticized

“Once inside the SUV, Kamara and his group jokingly recapped the assault and continuously made jokes about Greene and his condition after he was violently beaten,” claims the lawsuit.

“Kamara stated, ‘I connected with the [EXPLETIVE]’s jaw so hard.’ As the conversation continues, another individual in the car says, ‘That shit sounded like the [EXPLETIVE] got hit with a baseball bat,’ it reads.

Greene complains that the criminal proceedings have “seemingly been put on pause to allow Kamara to play an entire season for the Saints without being suspended.” He also criticizes NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for failing to investigate the incident or issue a suspension fully.

The lawsuit, filed in a Louisiana court, seeks compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $10 million and asks for a jury trial.