Sapphire’s “World’s Only Topless Day Club” Won’t Open in 2024

Sapphire Pool, billed as the “world’s only topless gentlemen’s day club,” won’t be open for the summer in 2024.

We are told any number of Instagram models are inconsolable at the news.

While we personally think toplessness is gross, we understand some people like it, so it’s distressing to hear the Sapphire strip club has opted not to open its pool complex this year.

Cue the sad tromboner.

Sapphire, of course, is one of the most famous strip clubs (gentlemen’s clubs, if you’re fancy) in the world.

According to Sapphire, “Sapphire Las Vegas was recently voted ‘Best Gentlemen’s Club’ by the Las Vegas Review-Journal in their annual ‘Best of Las Vegas’ competition. This was Sapphire’s 8th consecutive year winning the title for best strip club in Vegas.”

You might say Sapphire is tops. You might say it. If we say it, people will complain we tell “dad jokes,” which is actually insulting to dads.

So, why did Sapphire pass on opening its pool this summer? We have no idea. We asked Sapphire, but haven’t heard back yet.

The answer to everything in Las Vegas, however, is money.

That means Sapphire’s day club may have been more trouble than it’s worth.

We visited a time or two and enjoyed the pool a lot. Most of the topless people were cocktail servers (or dancers visiting on their days off, presumably drumming up business for dances inside the club). The space was lively and the food was better than expected.

The demands of driving business to such a business are complicated and relentless, despite the obvious selling points.

Sapphire tried the aforementioned influencers, but it was unclear if using attractive women in advertising had the desired results, especially given the cost (several grandish) of personal appearances. Tracking results of such promotions is challenging, and we suspect the ROI just didn’t pencil out.

This wasn’t the best angle to show off her bathing suit, but you get the idea.

One would think a topless day club at a strip club would be a sausagefest, but we found the crowd to be a mix of men and women, with couples a significant part of the customer base.

The competition for day club business is immense in Las Vegas, and if you’ve ever been to a day club, you know many guests leave little to the imagination, so the novelty of a topless pool doesn’t hold much allure, as it surely would in other cities.

You might say business may have sagged.

You might say that.

Ultimately, it looks like Sapphire’s day club just isn’t worth the additional investment, so it’s shuttered for the summer. Will it be back? Unknown, but we’re sure Sapphire is considering all its options.

If you assumed we’d end this story with a sentence like, “We’ll keep you abreast of any developments,” shame on you.

This is the last sentence of ours story, and it does not include any boob puns whatsoever, it’s called maturity.

Update (5/9/24): While we haven’t heard back from Sapphire, we were contacted by someone familiar with the situation. Our source says the pool does well financially, but it’s staff intensive and renovations inside the club made it easier to not open the pool this season. It’s expected the pool will reopen in 2025 under a new brand. Details to come.