“Dita Las Vegas” to Close at Horseshoe

Dita Von Teese’s show at Horseshoe, “Dita Las Vegas,” is set to close June 15, 2024.

You didn’t see it, don’t have a freak out.

Von Teese’s show seemed doomed from the start, especially given the terrible P.R. (one of the reasons you may never have heard of it) and the fact Von Teese only made momentary appearances in her own show, we hear. This show seems to have been a master bait and switch.

A.I. is touchy about breasts and thighs, thus, you get eyes.

We should say we are not a burlesque person. We don’t really get it. If it’s about nudity, go to a strip club. If it’s about costumes, that’s a fashion show. Teasing is a bad thing, not a good thing. Who are such shows for, exactly?

The days of mincing around on a stage in lavish regalia are over. “Jubilee” was the last nail in the showgirl extravaganza (Von Teese’s show is performed in the same theater at “Jubilee”), and “Jubilee” was sort of a trainwreck and closed after production costs surpassed revenue (and the casino stopped subsidizing the show’s losses).

The number of fake reviews for “Dita Las Vegas” was a giant red flag this show struggled from the start. A good third of the reviews on Yelp mention “a crowd favorite, Dirty Martini.” Just a coincidence, we’re sure.

Shitty public relations agencies gonna shitty public relations. Check out this totally objective review from Yelp.

Fake reviews are the new public relations.

It’s like being kicked in the eyes with a Dita Von Teese stiletto after she stepped on a Carolina Reaper.

We didn’t see the show, but here’s another totally legitimate rave from a woman who definitely has no association with the show or its cast.

How could such an exceptional, creative, endearing, celebratory, inspiring, empowering, enjoyable, stunning, exciting, beautiful and entertaining show be closing? The humanity!

First word of the “Dita Las Vegas” closure came from rabble rouser Sam Novak at Vegas 411.

John Kleptometes confirmed the scoop (without attribution, as is his way) and opines Dita Von Teese should perform at Voltaire at Venetian. Mostly because Johnny Kats has the same grasp of reality as All Net Resort, Neonopolis and Bleautech Park.

We were actually the first to sound the alarm about “Dita Von Vegas” back in November 2023. To the show’s credit, it lasted longer than expected. Somebody has a sugar daddy, all due respect to sugar and daddies.

No word yet on what might replace “Dita Las Vegas” at Horseshoe. We trust Dita Von Teese and her cast will land on their feet, pretty privilege is good like that.