Confirmed: “Miss Behave’s Mavericks” Set for Plaza

A “new” show is headed to Plaza casino downtown, “Miss Behave’s Mavericks.” The show launches Oct. 2, 2024.

Why the quotation marks around “new”? Because a version of the show previously happened at Cheap Shot on Fremont East.

This story is only “new” if you’re the Las Vegas Review-Journal, because we told you about this production was coming to Plaza way back in August of 2023. You thought we weren’t going to make this about us? Do you know this blog at all?

When a show is weirder than anything A.I. can make.

Anyhoo, now that we’ve all agreed the Review-Journal sucks apple cinnamon quinoa bites, we can talk about this fun variety show hosted by “Miss Behave” herself, Amy Saunders.

Saunders is undeniably weird and hysterical and her bawdy sensibility ensures a good time is had by all, because she picks the variety acts in the show.

The acts range from funny to obscene to sexy and, often, the performances can only be described as “WTF did I just see and should I get a rabies shot?”

“Mavericks” is jammed with acts (Saunders knows everyone in the burlesque, circus and comedy worlds), so even if one doesn’t strike your fancy, there are others you can rest assured will strike the living hell out of your fancy. Why are fancies stricken, by the way? You never hear about anything caressing your fancy or pressing it against a clothes dryer.

It feels like an interview with the show’s “Flashdance” performer is warranted. It’s called investigative journalism!

Here’s a blurb from the news release, which we didn’t get, because people think if we don’t get the release, we won’t make snarky comments about news releases. Good luck with that.

The release says, “‘Mavericks’ delivers a flirty, filthy and fabulous blend of comedy, circus, burlesque and variety—never the same show twice and all delivered with an irreverent wink and cut-throat wit. With the focus on charismatic talent, seasoned legends and a sublime ambiance—all for a refreshingly affordable ticket price— “Mavericks’ is classic Vegas to its core, sped up for the roaring 2020s. The experience is perfect for audiences who remember the city’s heyday, those who grew up on TikTok and everyone in between.”

First, what are we going to do with you, news releases? Why do you even exist now? Nobody reads them except the Las Vegas Review-Journal, because they need to confirm our scoop from a year ago. Writers at the RJ still call them “press releases,” because they are sort of old-timey dorks. All due respect to penises. Many of the writers at the Review-Journal think a “dork” is a whale penis, but that’s because they only use the Internet to read our Tweets so they can “break” stories without giving us attribution because if they did that, they would lose their supposed clout and wouldn’t be able to sleep with as many casino new release writers.

Yes, bashing the Review-Journal is even more boring than the actual Review-Journal, which is saying something. As if you’ve even read this far!

Amy Saunders is a world-class cat herder.

Second, tickets to “Miss Behave’s Mavericks” are a paltry $50. Get tickets here.

Here’s a collection of clips we captured when “Mavericks” was at Cheap Shot. No, Tape Face isn’t in the show every night. Although, the show does get a good number of drop-ins. National treasure Mac King popped in once, for example.

That A.I. chicken doesn’t seem so random now, does it, smartass? We are a trained professional.

Can a show make it in the Plaza’s fancy theater? Well, it’s a good fit for Plaza and downtown, but it’s a 400-seat theater. That’s ambitious for a show that famously has no marketing budget. Cheap Shot had about 100 seats, and not to make it awkward, but the show is no longer running at Cheap Shot.

Saunders’ “Miss Behave Gameshow” was fantastic at the former Bally’s (now Horseshoe), but mid-tier shows are a slog to try and sell tickets and can get lost in the Vegas marketplace full of Cirque productions and headliners. And The Sphere, currently the biggest culprit in lowering ticket sales at show across town.

“A Mob Story” was very good at Plaza, but left a boatload of unpaid bills in its wake when it closed.

Shows in general don’t tend to fare well downtown, unless they’re free bands on Fremont Street or Gordie Brown, whose show reportedly runs millions of dollars in the red each year at Golden Nugget.

Then again, there isn’t another show like “Mavericks” downtown, a spirit animal of “Absinthe,” which nobody predicted would be one of the greatest and most profitable shows in the history of Las Vegas. With the budget of “Mavericks,” it’s unlikely Strip variety shows have to worry too much about “Mavericks” stealing their talent.

And if a doughnut shop like Pinkbox Doughnuts can draw crowds at Plaza (despite our predictions otherwise), why not a sassy show that’s a non-stop cavalcade of, “I laughed so hard I coughed up one of my bladders. Luckily, we all have two of those, right? Like kidneys?”

“Mavericks” is produced by the aforementioned Amy Saunders, along with Matt Franzetti, Michael Speyer and Scott Prisand in association with Rob Kolson. Our hope is at least one of the people involved is a trust fund baby.

We can’t wait to see “Miss Behave’s Mavericks” again (it’s never the same show twice) and good buzz can go a long way toward helping a modest show get its footing.

The news release says “Miss Behave Mavericks” is a “permanent residency.” Apostrophes can be real jerks sometimes.