Buddy V’s Pizzeria Headed to Caesars Palace Food Hall

Buddy Valastro is no longer just the “Cake Boss.” He’s quickly becoming the “Pizza Boss” in Las Vegas.

Valastro is expanding his empire with a new offering, Buddy V’s Pizzeria, coming to the food court at Caesars Palace, officially the Forum Food Hall.

That means the days are numbered for the outrageously expensive and supremely forgettable DiFara Pizza.

If it weren’t for A.I., we’d have quit blogging a year ago, so stop whining.

We first saw word of the new Buddy Valastro restaurant on What Now Vegas, and went into detective mode, spending upwards of three minutes confirming the news and finding out further details.

Buddy Valastro already has some solid pizza cred in Las Vegas.

His Buddy V’s Ristorante at Venetian continues to pack them in, and he’s got the excellent Boss Cafe and grab-and-go Jersey Eats truck (no pizza, but the Italian Fried Donuts are orgasms in dough form) at Linq.

The cake guy knows pies.

Valastro’s weakest Vegas offering is PizzaCake at Harrah’s, but it will still do in a pinch.

His pizza ATM exceeds expectations.

We trust Valastro’s new pizza stall at Caesars Palace will put DiFara Pizza to shame, and Caesars Entertainment loves their celebrity chef partnerships.

These are deals basically paying a celebrity a piece of the action to use their name. Caesars has deals with Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Giada De Laurentiis, Lisa Vanderpump and others.

The celebrities show up for photo ops once a year and get 5% of the gross sales. The venues are operated by Caesars Entertainment’s reliably good food and beverage team.

Another celebrity chef partnership was recently announced for the Forum Food Hall, Tortazo from Rick Bayless, whomever that might be.

The Caesars food court has been a mixed bag in the past, but it’s actually starting to feel like a thing.

One of the biggest surprises has been Chicken Guy, from polarizing goofball Guy Fieri. The sandwiches are far better than they need to be for a food court.

We keep meaning to write a blog post about Chicken Guy, but we are very busy and important.

The worst outlet in the food court is Bobby’s Burgers. Consistently terrible, and it’s utterly baffling Caesars Entertainment continues to endure this exercise in mediocrity. There are inexplicably also Bobby’s Burgers at Paris and Harrah’s.

Someone should be flayed for this abomination.

Buddy V’s places are consistently consistent, and we even like his cake ATMs (although, you have to let the cake get to room temperature).

Buddy V’s Pizzeria will be a welcome addition to the Caesars Palace food court, and we’ll share the carb-forward menu when it becomes available. No official confirmation of the restaurant has been made yet, but we’re confirming it, so there’s that.