Winter in Venice at The Venetian Will Kick Your Humbug Squarely in the Happies

A funny thing happened on the way to The Venetian. We accidentally felt some holiday spirit. Who knew?

The Venetian is doing the holidays up right with its Winter in Venice attraction, somehow managing to bypass the Las Vegas cheese and giving The Strip a genuinely enjoyable infusion of jolly.

Winter in Venice Las Vegas
We love being pleasantly surprised. Vegas spectacle for the win.

Winter in Venice runs through Jan. 5, 2014, and includes a skating rink (suspended over water, no less), roaming costumed characters, holiday-themed onstage entertainment and one stunning, huge-ass Christmas tree.

Winter in Venice The Venetian
Winner of our “Best Christmas Tree in Las Vegas” award, were that something that existed.

The Christmas tree is 65 feet tall, and is covered with color-shifting orbs. If you can look at it without feeling a surge of holiday spirit, your heart may be three sizes too small.

Adding to the winter wonderland feel, the front of The Venetian is engulfed in a flurry of giant, projected snowflakes, some up to six feet wide.

Here’s a snappy little video promoting the whole extravaganza.
The skating rink at The Venetian is interesting in that it’s not made of ice. Guests are skating on recycled polymer that doesn’t require electricity or refrigeration.

The rink is open 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. each day.

Skating rink Las Vegas
Polymer skating is just like ice skating, but without the frostbite.

As we said, there’s free entertainment on an outdoor stage throughout each evening. During our visit, there were three blondes in mini-skirts playing holiday music on their violins. We approve.

Winter in Venice shows
Just don’t call them fiddles.

This is the third annual Winter in Venice at The Venetian, and judging by the crowds, we assume it’ll be back.

We even liked the stilt-walking spidery things.

Winter in Venice Las Vegas
We don’t have to understand something to enjoy it.

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At its outdoor Grand Canal, The Venetian has managed to create a festive vibe for the whole family for the holidays. Kudos to The Venetian for skipping the schmaltz and bringing a heartwarming holiday attraction to the Las Vegas Strip.

Winter in Venice
Cue the Christmas song from that Charlie Brown special. You know the one.

Check out more photos of the wintertime whimsy in our exclusive gallery.

Winter in Venice