Vegas Strip Steak Gains Momentum, Cash Cow for the Beef Industry

A new cut of beef is making the news, and it’s in this Las Vegas blog mainly because of its awesome name, the Vegas Strip Steak.

This newly-discovered steak could garner $100 million for the beef industry (not to mention being a boon for Vegas restaurants), and meat lovers are likely to enjoy this steak “inspired by the food capital of the world.” Las Vegas. Please try and keep up.

Vegas Strip Steak
Las Vegas has always been known for its meat-handling.

The Vegas Strip Steak was invented by Dallas meat scientist Tony Mata. Yes, there are meat scientists. Where have you been? Mata is a bit of a steak legend, as he also discovered the flatiron steak.

It’s complicated, but the Vegas Strip Steak is actually Mata’s intellectual property. Expect to see it on menus in restaurants along the Las Vegas Strip more and more often.

Learn more about the Vegas Strip Steak in a sweet news segment on CBS.

The new Vegas Strip Steak is being marketed as a flavorful alternative to the New York strip, but at a third of the price.

Vegas Strip Steak
We have no idea if it’s good. We just know it has “Vegas” in the name.

Find out more about the Vegas Strip Steak. Especially if you’re a little too into Vegas. Ahem.