Westin Las Vegas to Lose Its Most Appealing Feature, Max Casino

Westin Las Vegas, known to many by its former name, Westin Casuarina, is closing its small casino in favor of a new restaurant.

Which is a little like dumping your hot young girlfriend to date your aunt. Allegedly.

Westin Max Casino
The impact of Max Casino closing will be minimal.

The Westin’s casino, dubbed the Max Casino in November 2013 with much fanfare, is petite by Las Vegas casino standards, with half a dozen table games and about 150 slot machines. But we’ve always enjoyed the place and will be sorry to see it go.

The Max Casino name was inspired by the hotel’s original name, Maxim Hotel and Casino. It opened in 1977.

Max Casino
Max Casino gave away these $5 chips during the casino’s grand re-opening in 2013. That business model didn’t entirely pan out.

It isn’t rocket science figuring out why the Max Casino is closing. Successful things don’t tend to close in Las Vegas. Refreshingly, Westin Las Vegas candidly admits the casino wasn’t generating enough revenue to make it viable.

Here’s our story about Max Casino and its rebrand in 2013, back when the Westin’s casino was bright-eyed and full of optimism.

Lots of changes are planned for the Westin Las Vegas, but frankly, who cares? You don’t have a casino, you’re dead to us. Thus solving the mystery of why you rarely see stories in this Las Vegas blog about Trump Hotel or Mandarin Oriental.

Update: Westin closed its casino in July 2017. Nobody’s perfect.