Vital Vegas Podcast: The Rebound, Omega Mart, Casino Bosses and More

Our latest podcast episode is live, and it’s guaranteed to be 10 percent less yawnfest than any episode we’ve done in the past month!

We start with news about the Las Vegas rebound. Yes, that’s a March Madness reference. Even the things we’re bad at we’re excellent at. Including ending sentences with prepositions.

In this episode, we take you into the twisted bowels of Omega Mart, from art collective Meow Wolf, the best non-casino thing to happen to Las Vegas since edible underwear.

We chat with Drew DiCostanzo, the head of marketing for Omega Mart, and the only person we’ve talked to who can sort of explain what Omega Mart is. Sort of.

Omega Mart nuts
Omega Mart is nuts. Or is it?

Next up, we interview casino mogul Derek Stevens about the new Circa sportsbook at Tuscany.

Yes, more sports. It’s called “pandering,” you’ll get over it.

Derek Stevens Tuscany
They get a group interview, we get an exclusive one-on-one. That’s how we roll.

We’ll also get the lowdown on the closure of the Greyhound bus station at Plaza from the casino’s CEO, Jonathan Jossel.

The bottom line: It’s a lot more than a bus station relocating. You might say it’s a new lease on life for the neighborhood.

Greyhound station Plaza
Adios, trouble maker.

We’ve also got a slightly intoxicated interview with Chef Steve at Circa’s 8 East restaurant. Chef Steve feeds us at least three times a week, so we thought he should get a little air time.

Honestly, Chef Steve and the crew at 8 East do what is currently our favorite dish in Las Vegas, the brisket fried rice “Vital Vegas-style” (chicken skewers added, hold the sticks).

8 East fried rice
No, haters, we’ve never gotten free food at 8 East, we just love it. And if you hate us so much, why are you reading our blog? You’re lame.

This episode of the podcast is stuffed to the gills with insider scoop, perfunctory news, rumors and speculation and old-timey phrases like “stuffed to the gills.”

You don’t have to listen, but you also don’t have to drink, gamble or fornicate, and what the hell kind of life would that be?

Let’s be honest, it’s more news and entertainment than you really deserve, but we’re magnanimous like that. Listen up and get your Vegas fix, already.