Resorts World Confirms Plans for Epic Food Court

Resorts World has confirmed our February scoop, the soon-to-open casino resort will have a kick-ass food court. The name: Famous Foods Street Eats.

East and West will bump tasties at this 24,000-square-foot food hall from Zouk Group, a nightlife brand out of Singapore.

Resorts World food court
Resorts World is about to implode everything you think you know about food courts.

The “Asian hawker-inspired food hall concept” will have 16 food options, a center bar and even a speakeasy.

Zouk Group’s Executive Chairman Hui Lim (also known as Lim Keong Hui, son of Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Chairman of Genting Group, owners of Resorts World) and CEO Andrew Li recruited some of Asia’s top food hawkers and brought them to the U.S. for the offering at Resorts World.

Here are the major players at Zouk Group. There will be a quiz.

Famous Foods Street Eats will be located just off the casino floor and promises lots of neon signs.

Resorts World is speaking our language right now, and we haven’t even really gotten to the bar and speakeasy parts.

Resorts World restaurants
Translucence not required for entry.

As we first reported back in February, the dessert station will have a 10-foot-tall Lucky Cat.

The Lucky Cat will be made from “gold coins.”

Resorts World lucky cat
We trust they aren’t actual gold coins, or the Lucky Cat would needs its own security detail.

A news release about the Resorts World food hall says, “With food ‘edutainment’ at the forefront of the Famous Foods experience, guests can enjoy Michelin star meals at an affordable price while learning about the different cultures and origins of these authentic cuisines. Famous Foods will also feature two commissioned art pieces by Red Hong Yi, a popular Chinese-Malaysian contemporary artist known for her mixed media interpretations.”

Not only is our mouth watering for this new venue, our eyes are watering as well. Eye saliva should be a thing.

The release also mentions guests will be welcomed to the food hall by 18,000 tea bags. Now, that’s Las Vegas hospitality!

Oh, wait, it’s a mural made of 18,000 tea bags. We probably shouldn’t skim news releases. Moving on.

Let’s get into the food stalls!

Eastern stalls:
googie Ah Chun Shandong Dumpling
googie Boon Tong Kee
googie Fuhu Shack
googie Geylang Claypot Rice
googie Googgle Man’s Char Kuey Teow
googie Pepita’s Kitchen
googie Springleaf Prata Place
googie Ten Suns Braised Beef
googie Tiger Sugar
googie Dessert
googie Mamak

Western stalls:
googie Streetbird Las Vegas
googie Kuru Kuru Pa Yakitori
googie Mozz Bar by James Trees
googie Blood Brothers BBQ
googie Nori Bar

Worth noting, Kuru Kuru Pa Yakitori was developed by noted chef Steve Aoki. Yes, that Steve Aoki. He also DJs occasionally.

Mozz Bar comes from one of our favorite Las Vegas chefs, James Trees. Trees is also responsible for the incredible Esther’s Kitchen downtown and equally incredible Al Solito Posto in Summerlin.

Mozz Bar Resorts World
All these incredible Asian restaurants and we have our eye on the Italian place. That’s so us.

What an eclectic, jaw-dropping line-up of eateries. We are agog. The scale, the variety, the curation.

This is next level food courtery. Feel free to use that in your advertising, Resorts World.

Of course, one does not live by Peking Duck Burritos alone, so Resorts World is delivering on the hooch as well.

The Famous Foods Center Bar will have 16 seats, with a “self-pour and automated beer system that will offer a rotating selection of dozens of beers from around the world, along with cocktails and wines, all on tap.”

Resorts World bars
Oh, yes, we will most certainly be tapping that.

Then there’s the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den, described as “an elegantly grunge speakeasy discretely tucked away.”

Resorts World speakeasy
This is not your grandpa’s food hall.

Is there anything Resorts World can’t do?

Zouk Group is managing several components of Resorts World, including Zouk Nightclub and Ayu Dayclub. “Ayu” means “beautiful.”

There’s also RedTail (a social gaming bar) and the aforementioned Fuhu restaurant. Fuhu means “lucky tiger” in Mandarin, by the way.

You can read more specifics about the metric hell-ton of restaurants at the official Resorts World Web site. You’ll want to gird your taste buds.

The over-the-top extravagance of the Famous Foods Street Eats food hall harkens back to a time when everything was over-the-top in Las Vegas.

Genting has spared no expense in making Resorts World a world-class destination, and has done it during one of the most challenging periods in the history of Las Vegas.

As visitors flood back to Las Vegas, Resorts World is poised to welcome them with open arms.

You know we’ll keep spilling the tea as the opening of Resorts World approaches in May or June.

From what we hear, there are more surprises still to come.