Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 73: The Latest in Vegas WTF

Despite a quarter million downloads under our belt, we’re still not sure you should listen to our podcast. Fair warning.

If you do, you’ll hear news and opinions and quite possibly things that will get us sued. The things we do for you.

In this episode, we share our experiences at three new downtown restaurants: Eureka on Fremont East (pictured below), Flock & Fowl at the Ogden and Good Pie at Pawn Plaza.

Eureka’s management informed us we couldn’t take photos inside the restaurant. Eureka’s management can suck it.

We round up all the latest scoop about Steve Wynn and his mind-boggling fall from grace in recent weeks, including news about what Wynn Resorts projects are likely to move forward (Wynn Paradise Park, but without a hotel) and which could be shelved.

We’ve also got exclusives about Lucky Dragon and SLS Las Vegas. Somebody has to. Have exclusives. In case that wasn’t clear.

This lowly podcast has all the skinny you need to stay in the loop about what’s opening when (The Drew Las Vegas), who’s building what (MSG Sphere) and what else is coming down the pike (upgrades to the Fremont Street Experience).

MSG Sphere
Mark our words, the MSG Sphere is going to put somebody’s eye out.

The Vital Vegas Podcast has “vital” right in the title, so kick back, push the play button and long for a simpler time when broadcasters had to actually know something about broadcasting.