Travesty: Las Vegas Ranks Just Fourth for City With Number of Mistresses

Las Vegas has received a public slap from, a Web site devoted to helping people have affairs.

The site’s motto is, “Life is short. Have an affair.” Which this Las Vegas blog doesn’t condone. Probably.

The site recently released its list of “Top 10 Mistress Cities,” and Las Vegas ranked a mere fourth. Somebody had a defective calculator! Or whatever tool people use to measure mistressing.

We also don't condone this awesome graphic.
We also don’t condone this awesome graphic.

Phoenix, Washington and Dallas ranked higher than Las Vegas for the number of women seeking affairs with married men, a clear indication somebody at got the math wrong.

We demand a recount!

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See all the Top 10 Mistress Cities, then immediately delete your browser history so your spouse doesn’t find out what you’ve been up to.