“The Real World: Las Vegas” to Be Filmed at Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas

Rumors have surfaced, as rumors tend to do when they’re not swirling, the 31st season of MTV’s “The Real World” will be shot in downtown Las Vegas.

We’ve not only confirmed the rumors, but have exclusively learned the location of the upcoming installment of the show will be the Gold Spike hotel. No official announcement has yet been made by “The Real World” or Gold Spike.

Gold Spike Hotel Las Vegas
“The Real World” was first broadcast in 1992, or right around the time most Gold Spike customers were emerging from their respective wombs.

“The Real World,” of course, is the once-groundbreaking reality show featuring a group of strangers who move in together and proceed to drink excessively, get it in and learn important life lessons about tolerance and pretending to be gainfully employed.

Production of the new season will take place staring in late October 2015 and is expected to take about three months. You’ve been warned, Metro.

Gold Spike Las Vegas
Let’s just say Gold Spike is unlike any other Las Vegas hotel. This beauty sits out back. Oh, and Gold Spike is also llama-friendly. Long story.

The production team for “The Real World: Las Vegas” (presumably, still a working title) has already commenced construction at Gold Spike to create spaces suitable for the filming of the show. Gold Spike rooms tend to be on the small side and don’t typically have hot tubs. Just saying.

We hear most or all of the Gold Spike’s seventh floor is being taken up by the production.

Gold Spike was once a low-roller casino, but was purchased by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and his Downtown Project and turned into a boutique hotel in 2013.  Without a casino. So, no, we don’t personally spend much time there anymore. Let’s just say it tends to skew hipster.

Gold Spike Las Vegas
Technically, the name should probably be Gold Spike Boutique Hotel and Student Union. Because cornhole.

This will be the third season of “The Real World” that takes place in Las Vegas. Previous locations included the Palms (2002) and Hard Rock (2011) resorts.

The “Real World” production team considered other Las Vegas hotel-casinosincluding SLS Las Vegasbut because of controversy surrounding past seasons of the show, many resorts declined. Suits, it turns out, aren’t always thrilled about the prospect of shenanigans associated with their brands.

Try and wear a suit at Gold Spike, by the way, and you’re likely to be summarily tossed out by a really laid-back security guard.

Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts, for example, do not even consider such shows unless they will appear on the major TV networks, and even then have strict rules about what kinds of shows are allowed to film at their hotels.

It’s likely the show’s producers (Bunim/Murray Productions) purposefully avoided choosing a hotel with a casino this go-around as it limits where and when a show can film due to gaming regulations.

Gold Spike Las Vegas
Bit of advice, Gold Spike. Invest in some black lights and upholstery cleaner.

Back in the day, “The Real World” was a boon for the Palms, and to a lesser extent Hard Rock.

While recent seasons of “The Real World” haven’t made the pop culture waves it once did, the show should provide some great exposure for Gold Spike and its adjoining Oasis at Gold Spike, as well as other downtown offerings.

We look forward to tracking the production, sneaking unauthorized photos of the show’s cast and crew, and seeing the finished product when “The Real World: Las Vegas” (or whatever it ends up being called) hits the air.