The B-52s Announce 10-Show Residency at Venetian

One of the best party bands in the known universe will play a 10-night residency at Venetian starting in May 2023.

Tickets start at just $49.50, so they’ll be about $240 after fees. Ha, ha, just kidding, probably. It’s Ticketmaster, so.

The B-52s not inviting Shaquille O’Neal to this photo shoot was a huge missed opportunity. We’ll wait.

The B-52s are no strangers to Las Vegas. They recently did three sold-out shows at Venetian, Oct. 19-22, 2022, and they’re coming back for more.

Enough words! Time for a dance break.

It’s important to note most species of whales are substantially larger than cars, however, the whale referred to in the video is probably a dwarf sperm whale. Dwarf sperm whales tend to be no more than nine feet long. A Chrysler Pacifica is about 17 feet long. Dwarf sperm whales are very similar to pygmy sperm whales, and not just because we’re using this as an opportunity to use the term “sperm” repeatedly, probably.

Also, no Chrysler we’re aware of seats 20 people. The Chrysler Aspen seats eight passengers.

We are going to cut The B-52s some slack because “Love Shack” was released in 1989. At the time, the term “mansplaining” hadn’t even been invented yet.

The creation of the word “mansplaining” is often erroneously credited to Rebecca Solnit, who wrote an essay, “Men Explain Things to Me: Facts Didn’t Get in Their Way,” describing “mansplaining,” but never actually using the word. The author later confirmed she hadn’t coined the term. It originated in a discussion between to bloggers on LiveJournal. LiveJournal is an online community devoted to self-expression. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “mansplaining” means, “Of a man: to explain something needlessly, overbearingly, or condescendingly, esp. (typically when addressing a woman) in a manner thought to reveal a patronizing or chauvinistic attitude.”

If you think we aren’t fully aware we just mansplained mansplaining, you do not know this blog at all.

Anyway, the dates for the B-52s residency are as follows:

googie May 2023: 5, 6, 10, 12, 13
googie August 2023: 25, 26, 30
googie September 2023: 2, 3

Everyone knows The B-52s, but we should probably say more about them so it looks like we exerted some effort on our blog today, as well as meeting our mansplaining quota for the month.

The B-52s have been making music for 45 years and have sold more than 20 million albums.

Their hits include “Rock Lobster,” “Dance This Mess Around,” “Private Idaho,” “Roam” and “Deadbeat Club.”

The band famously got its start after sharing a flaming volcano drink at a Chinese restaurant in Athens, Georgia. That’s a very Las Vegas way to start a band.

The main members of the band are Fred Schneider (71), Kate Pierson (74) and Cindy Wilson (65).

Beyond the group’s commercial success, The B-52s have been LGBTQ icons.

The group recently announced it would stop touring, but thankfully, a Venetian residency doesn’t count as touring, but who knows how long The B-52s might do what they do. It’s not uncommon for bands to announce “farewell” tours as a marketing gimmick (the band’s most recent tour was called “The Final Tour Ever of Planet Earth”), then continue performing, but we get the feeling The B-52s are ready to hang up their rock lobster bibs.

There’s no getting around those parenthetical numbers following their names, above.

Fred Schneider, especially, sounds like he’s sort of over it, especially when people imitate his voice. You know what we mean. You do it every time “Love Shack” plays anywhere. Schneider told People, “I get tired of people doing it.”

So, it appears The B-52s could soon be done with roaming, but not before their 10-show swan song at Venetian.