Squeeze at The Linq Offers a Fresh Twist On Juices and Hooches

Squeeze, a juice bar at The Linq shopping district, recently opened without much fanfare, but is sure to grab the attention of those seeking a fresh alternative to the typical beverages served on The Strip.

Squeeze Las Vegas
Bonus: Aside from fresh juices, Squeeze has a small seating area, perfect for people-watching.

This new offering serves up fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies, most of which can be combined with liquor if health isn’t your primary concern. The menu at Squeeze also features mimosas, sangria, margaritas, mojitos and other tempting concoctions.

Fresh juices Las Vegas
Let’s pulverize some stuff.

While this blog is not exactly a juice person, we hear for many visitors this convenient source of fresh-pressed juices is a gift from the Vegas gods.

Customers at Squeeze during our visit also raved about the shop’s sangria, which marinades for a week, giving it an extra kick.

Squeeze juices bar
“Sangria” is Spanish for “I can’t remember where I left my panties.” Bonus: Best I.V., ever.

Guests can either choose signature items from the menu or mix-and-match the various juices to build their own drink.

Drinks come in 12 or 16-ounce sizes. Prices are $9 for 16-ounce smoothies, $7.95 for 16-ounce fresh juices, $9.95 for the build-your own juices, $13.95 for mimosas, $9.50 for the sangria, and about $10 for fresh cocktails.

Squeeze Juice Bar
We don’t exactly know what a “Juice Fusion” is, but we would not mind meeting this Virgin Maria person.

Signature cocktails include drinks like a Watermelon Margarita, the Morning After Mojito, Machete Muddles, Tangerine-Lavender Daisy, Kiwi Blast, Jasmine Collins and Fresh Squeezed Bloody Mary.

A few gluten-free snacks are also available, like a turkey club wrap and Thai mango salad, but the juices are the star of the show.

Squeeze Juice Bar
Don’t you hate it when people seem to actually enjoy what they do for a living? Start being miserable immediately.

Icons on the Squeeze menu are a handy way to see which drinks are “Best for Hydration,” “Great for Health,” “Best Immunity Booster,” “Best Hangover Relief” and other designations.

Squeeze has just about the best possible location at The Quad, just a few feet inside the mall entrance, next to the entrance to Tag Bar at The Quad.

Everyone we talked to was extraordinarily excited about the drinks they ordered, so we’ll take that as a sign there’s a pent-up demand that Squeeze and Caesars Entertainment, the company that owns The Quad and The Linq, are happy to fill.

Squeeze at The Linq