Six Tactics to Peacefully Coexist With Las Vegas Timeshare Salespersons

Las Vegas visitors have a love-hate relationship with timeshare salespeople. And by “love-hate,” of course, we mean “hate.”

If you ask the typical Las Vegas hotel guest about their worst experiences in Sin City, they’ll inevitably regale you with a story about running a gauntlet of timeshare salespeople who just wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Well, we decided it was high time to chat up a timeshare sales expert to get the inside scoop about this mysterious world, and here are six tactics to peacefully coexist with these hard-working and often misunderstood folks just trying to make a living like the rest of us schlubs.

Rio Las Vegas timeshare
How lucrative are timeshare sales in Las Vegas? Rio Las Vegas has a timeshare sales area in the middle of its casino floor.

Interacting with timeshare salespeople doesn’t have to be a hostile or even annoying encounter.

When you’re approached, start by realizing the salesperson’s goal isn’t to annoy you. It’s to make a deal (and make a commission). Their job is to provide you with something a lot of people are interested in, otherwise the job wouldn’t exist. In fact, Las Vegas is the number one place for timeshares in the U.S. Hello, it’s Las Vegas.

The single best thing you can do to avoid being pestered (it’s also called “persistence,” by the way, which often works because in timeshare sales, “no” often means “convince me”) is to help the salesperson disqualify you as a customer.

That’s right. Help them. Talking to people who aren’t customers is a waste of time for salespeople, so help them. How do you do this? It helps to know the code.

Timeshare free slot pull
Beware timeshare enticements like free slot pulls like this one on Fremont Street. Just keep moving, avoid eye contact.

Once you know the right thing to do or say, your interaction with timeshare salespersons will be pleasant, and more importantly, brief.

Here, then, are six strategies to let a timeshare salesperson know you’re a waste of their time.

1. Fly Solo

When you’re walking alone, you’re much less likely to be approached by someone selling timeshares. So, if you’re part of a couple and see timeshare people nearby, split up for a minute. You’ll survive. Interestingly, individuals are still approached on rare occasions. Males, though, who are alone, are virtually never approached. Females are.

2. Say You’re a Local

This tactic is gold. Locals are disqualified immediately as prospective clients, so just say you’re a local. If you don’t like “lying,” use another tactic. But remember, these aren’t “lies,” they’re code. You’re a local.

3. Be Leaving Town Today

Hearing you’re leaving town today is a buzzkill for timeshare salespersons, which makes it an especially effective message to have at your disposal.

4. Be Younger Than 25

If you are younger than 25 years old, say so. If you look 25 or younger, say you’re younger than 25. That’s the cut-off most timeshare salespeople use to decide if someone is a likely customer, so use that knowledge to your advantage if you can.

Westgate Las Vegas is a hotbed of timeshare activity. Now, you have some coping mechanisms if you visit.

5. Walk With Someone of the Same Gender

Timeshare salespeople are first-and-foremost looking for married couples. So, same-sex couples are rarely approached. If you’re gay, you meet the “couple” qualification, so there’s still a chance you’ll get hit up. See one of the other tactics.

6. Say You Already Did the Timeshare Presentation

Boom. You’re not interested. Not because timeshares aren’t awesome. Not because you hate timeshare salespeople. You’ve already had the presentation, so the conversation is over. Dead in its tracks. You’re now free to enjoy your vacation. You’re welcome.

There you have it. You’re now fully equipped to interact with timeshare salespeople in a whole new way.

Be friendly. Help them disqualify you as a potential customer, immediately and finally. Know the code, and get back to having the time of your life in Las Vegas.