Six Slots Machines We Think Are Pretty Racist

We get it. Naming slot machines is hard. Slot machine manufacturers have to come up with new names all the time, names that have not been used before, names that are clever, memorable, fun and legally unencumbered.

It’s possible slot makers have run out of good names entirely, because some of the ones they’re churning out lately seem a tad desperate, or worse, downright racist. Here are six slots that caught our eye, for all the wrong reasons.

1. Jumpin’ Jalapenos

Where do we even start with this one? There’s sombreros. There’s jalapenos. In the name of all that’s WTF, there are even maracas. Jalapenos, for the record, don’t jump. It’s beans. Mexican jumping beans, also called “Frijoles saltarines.” Please keep your ethnic stereotypes straight, Konami.

Jumpin Jalapenos
Come on now.

2. Shake Your Booty

This slot seems to be a mutant offspring of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Dance Fever.” Why does bald Arsenio Hall have to be dragged into this mess? This game makes it look like the designers just threw a bunch of ideas into a blender, and this is what came out. An “oh, no you didn’t” smoothie.

Shake Your Booty
What just happened?

3. Miss White

The case for this slot machine being racist is pretty much black and white. Mostly the latter.

Miss White slot machine
We don’t make up the racism, we just report it.

4. More Chilli

Looks like we’re heading south of the border once more for not just another barrage of racial stereotypes, but also what appears to be a designer with a faulty spellcheck. (See also: Jumpin’ Jalapenos.)

More Chilli
Is this insulting? Si!

5. Gypsy Eyes

The Romani people, commonly called “gypsies,” have suffered persecution for centuries. There’s even a word for it: Antiziganism. This slot machine isn’t helping.

Gypsy eyes
All gypsies wear veils like all white people can’t jump.

6. Mystical Bayou

Naturally, every black person living in the bayou is a practitioner of voodoo. Who doesn’t know that?

Mystical Bayou
White face? Seriously?

So, where do you fall on this subject? Harmless fun or an ass-ton of “What were they thinking?”