Caesars Palace to Temporarily Close Poker Room

Caesars Palace is set to close its poker room for several months.

If you’re a poker player, don’t freak out. It’s coming back, despite the fact poker rooms don’t really make much money for casinos.

The high limit slot parlor at Caesars is undergoing a major revamp, so they needed a space for a temporary high limit room that wouldn’t disrupt revenue, the poker room is that spot.

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News of the poker room closure was first reported by Personally, we found it rude we were scooped, but we’re trying to get past it.

According to an internal memo (we’ve since confirmed its contents), Caesars Palace will close its poker room on July 17, 2024.

As was shared by Poker News, the work is expected to take 60-90 days, giving Caesars some wiggle room.

According to our source at Caesars, there’s been some internal discussion about the possibility of a temporary poker room, but no decision has been made yet.

While we’re on the subject of Caesars Palace, we feel compelled to embed this Tweet we knew full well we were going to include in this story because we seem to have the sense of humor of a 14-year-old boy. Who is also a “Seinfeld” fan.

We have been assured the poker room will be back, in the same location, near the casino’s sportsbook and its sexy, S-shaped video poker bar.

So, it’s not S-shaped, it certainly serpentines.

We were happy to hear Caesars Palace will upgrade its high limit room, as it is starting to look a little, well, seasoned.

The chairs, especially, have got to go. This isn’t cool anywhere in any Strip casino, but high limit at Caesars Palace?

Don’t shoot the messenger, Caesars. You let them get this way.

Caesars Palace is the flagship, namesake resort of the Caesars Entertainment empire, and the high limit room just isn’t up to snuff.  It’s not a great look when the high limit slot room is put to shame by shiny new high limit areas a locals casinos like Durango, Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch and others. And Santa Fe. Seriously.

The refresh of high limit is just one of many improvements happening at Caesars, the most noticeable and impressive of which was an overhaul of the grand entrance, which nobody really though of as the grand entrance because it was so sad.

Now, it claps. Or slaps. Whatever.

Augustus points the way to the hotel’s registration area. He used to point to the self-park garage.

For several years, the Caesars poker room was much larger, and tucked away in its own room. A real room, with walls and such. That space was absorbed by Pure Nightclub, now Omnia, in 2014.

Now, the poker room is out in the open on the main casino floor.

The poker room at Caesars isn’t the biggest, but it has some die-hard fans who will be happy to hear it’s coming back.

Poker rooms have been declining in numbers for several years now, so don’t bother to seek out the one across the street at Flamingo. That poker room closed to make way for Pinky’s at Flamingo, a lounge from Lisa Vanderpump.

The Grand Poobah of poker events, World Series of Poker, happens at two Caesars casinos, Horseshoe and Paris. Horseshoe was Bally’s. One of Bally’s towers is becoming part of Paris. There will be a quiz. The World Series of poker is happening now through July 17, 2024 (the timing of the closure of the room at Caesars Palace isn’t a coincidence).

For our fellow youths, “Grand Poobah” is a satirical name for someone self-important and has an inflated self-regard. In the past, we’d have made a snarky joke about Criss Angel, but we’re trying to cut back on that since The Summit, so we’ll just make a snarky comment about our fellow youths having no idea what “satire” is, much less being able to distinguish the three forms of satire—Horatian, Juvenalian and Menippean. We’ve learned to just accept it. Like nose rings and emojis.