Six Las Vegas Headstones We’d Like to See

The end comes to us all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun on the way out. Here are some Las Vegas-inspired headstone epitaphs we’d like to see.

Las Vegas tombstone
We’d rather die than play the “dark side.”

It might take you a minute to get into the spirit of this blog post. We’ll wait.

Las Vegas epitaph
Somebody had to say it.

Honestly, the timeshare salespeople situation in Vegas is becoming grave. Thank you, and try the veal.

SkyVue tombstone
SkyVue is that other (alleged) observation wheel.

Next up, a headstone addressing an unfortunate urban myth.

Roy Horn tombstone
Siegfried, too, thanks.

Siegfried and Roy are still in Las Vegas, making public appearances and winning over new fans.

Las Vegas tombstone
The Las Vegas Club is pretty dead, too, come to think of it.

Last but not least, a true Vegas moment.

Las Vegas tombstone
Define “lucky.”

Have anything special in mind when you shuffle off this mortal coil? Although we trust you won’t be doing any shuffling for a long, long time.