Resorts World Rounds Out Restaurant Roster With Carversteak

No self-respecting Las Vegas megaresort would be complete without a world-class steakhouse, so Resorts World has announced Carversteak, set to open in December, 2021.

Resorts World opens June 24, 2021, and we’re giddy as a schoolgirl about it.

Sorry, schoolperson.

Let’s take a look at Carversteak, a pretty badass steakhouse coming to Resorts World. A little late to the party, but meat, so all is forgiven.

Carversteak Resorts World
Carversteak looks hotter than the flame of an unclosed, wood-fired grill, a phrase we’re only using to give the appearance of us knowing anything about cooking.

Carversteak will be a massive 14,500-square-feet, and is being touted as “the city’s largest luxury steakhouse.”

The new steakhouse comes from Carver Road Hospitality, the brain child of Las Vegas nightlife veteran Sean Christie, who has worked at pretty much every nightlife company and venue in town: Light Group, Drai’s, Wynn, MGM Resorts and others.

Let’s just say Sean Christie knows things.

While Christie has a lengthy list of professional accomplishments, his biggest contribution to pop culture would have to be “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.” He was the one who wrangled film projects for Wynn Las Vegas at the time. Don’t laugh, it was great exposure for Wynn and the movie is much better than you’d expect.

Moving on.

Carversteak was designed by design studio DesignAgency, which clearly knows how to make pretty things.

The news release says, Carversteak “boasts a mid-century modern aesthetic with a rich palette inspired by Las Vegas landscape.”

News releases gonna news release.

Does making a reservation six months ahead of time make us look desperate?

The steakhouse will have a 70-foot “honed quartzite stone” bar, and as everyone knows, all the best quartzite is honed AF.

As for the food, the news release continues, “Thick dry-aged American cuts will headline the steak program, accentuated by global artisan beef producers and Japanese-certified Wagyu cuts. Guests can expect signature dishes such as a 12-hour Slow-Roasted Prime Rib and Lobster Thermidor en Croute, and playful items like Caviar Poppers and Wagyu Mini Cheesesteak
Bites. Sumptuous vegan offerings will also abound.”

Carversteak sounds incredible despite the vegan part trying to rain on everyone’s parade.

The restaurant’s beverage program, helmed by Carver Road Hospitality’s Vice President of Beverage and Hospitality Culture Francesco Lafranconi, “will feature an extensive collection of approachable wines.”

Which are so much better than stand-offish wines. Who even invited those wines? They need to have some wine and loosen up, this is Las Vegas.

The Carversteak logo is simple but sharp.

Carversteak will join more than 40 (that’s not a typo) food and beverage outlets at Resort World.

The sheer number of restaurants at Resorts World is mind-numbing and should keep guests and bloggers busy until sometime in 2022.

Here’s a look at the restaurants and bars at Resorts World.

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There’s nothing quite like new casino smell, and with the addition of Carversteak, more sensory stimulation is yet to come.