Rainforest Cafe Restaurant Opens at Harmon Corner

The recently-closed Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand has found a new home.

A new Rainforest Cafe opened on Sep. 2, 2015 at Harmon Corner, a shopping center at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon, across from City Center.

Rainforest Cafe Las Vegas
It’s back, and more in need of a weed-whacker than ever.

As we’d never dined at the now-closed Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand, we didn’t know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised at the lush, jungle-themed interior complete with animatronic creatures, realistic sound effects and all.

Rainforest Cafe
Please resist the urge to lick the decor, thanks.

The menu features lots of comfort food, but the whole atmosphere is sort of comforting, actually. That’s probably due to the fact the decor and animals register as familiar to those who visited Disneyland in their youth. In other words, to everyone.

Here’s a look at a parade of elephants (yes, that’s what a group of elephants is called) doing their thing.

Other animatronic creatures include a talking tree, a boa constrictor (no comment on the name “Julius Squeezer”) and a 14-foot-long crocodile, pictured below.

Rainforest Cafe
When you see a crocodile with its mouth open, it’s not being aggressive. They sweat through their mouths.

We suspect one’s ability to enjoy the Rainforest Cafe experience will directly correlate to: 1) having kids, or 2) appreciating whimsy.

As an example, there’s a simulated thunderstorm every 20 minutes or so at Rainforest Cafe. Adults will either find this charming or incredibly annoying. Kids, universally, will deem it a blast.

Rainforest Cafe
Fans of Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand will notice the absence of aquariums. We’re relieved to report the displaced fish have been relocated, not flushed.

The new Rainforest Cafe Las Vegas at Harmon Corner sits in the space formerly occupied by the ambitious but financially disastrous Goretorium, a horror attraction from “Hostel” director Eli Roth.

The food we sampled at a preview event was delicious, as were the cocktails. We love sugary slushy drinks, and Rainforest Cafe has those down cold.

Rainforest Cafe
The tropical Tiki Punch cocktail says, “We’re in Vegas!” A half dozen say it even more effectively.

Find the full menu on the official Rainforest Cafe site.

Rainforest Cafe, while family-friendly, features a bar on its first floor, the Lava Lounge.

Rainforest Cafe Lava Lounge
How lava relates to a tropical forest, we have no idea. Just go with it, it’s a bar.

Also on the first floor of the two-level venue is a large gift shop.

A highlight of the restaurant is a balcony with plentiful seating.

Rainforest Cafe Las Vegas
This patio is going to catch on like gangbusters, despite the fact no one has used that word since 1974.

The patio offers one of the most spectacular views in all of Las Vegas. We should know, we compiled the definitive list of the 10 best views in Las Vegas.

View from Rainforest Cafe Vegas
You thought we were kidding about the view? Do we seem like the kind of Las Vegas blog that would kid?

The balcony adjoins its neighbors Twin Peaks, a “breastaurant” that’s home to the best chicken strips in the contiguous United States, and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., owned by Landry’s Inc., the same folks who own and operate Rainforest Cafe and downtown’s Golden Nugget resort.

Rainforest Cafe’s restaurant and bar will operate from 11:00 a.m. to midnight, with the retail store open from 9:00 a.m. to midnight.

Enjoy more photos from the new Rainforest Cafe Las Vegas at Harmon Corner. And, please, work on the whimsy. Just saying.

Rainforest Cafe at Harmon Corner