The 10 Best Views in Las Vegas

There are so many stunning views in Las Vegas, it’s impossible to narrow them down. Which is why we’re about the narrow them down! Here are the top 10 best views in Las Vegas.

1. Wraparound Terrace Suite at The Cosmopolitan

When you take in the view from a suite at the Cosmopolitan, you’ll wish you had more eyes.

Las Vegas
You’ll be tempted to take Las Vegas home with you, but it’s fine right where it is.

2. Top of the World Restaurant at Stratosphere

The Stratosphere provides the ultimate bird’s-eye view of The Strip, with the benefit of also having great food. While you’re enjoying the view, give your liver a workout at the Level 107 lounge, which has a great happy hour.

The Top of the World restaurant at Stratosphere revolves 360-degrees every 80 minutes. Of course, if you try the happy hour, it could end up feeling like more.

3. Hyde Bellagio

Most visitors view the dancing fountains at Bellagio from Las Vegas Boulevard, but the best view is from inside the hotel at Hyde Bellagio. For a mere $250,000, Hyde will let you operate the fountains! They’ll even throw in a $250,000 bottle of Ace of Spades champagne. Only in Las Vegas.

Bellagio fountains
The fountains are even prettier with Paris Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood as a backdrop.

4. Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay

Believe it or not, the view at the Foundation Room atop Mandalay Bay is so good, staffers won’t let you take a photo because the view is copyrighted. That’s really what they told us, at which point we promptly ignored them, of course.

Foundation Room Las Vegas
The Foundation Room is a members-only venue, boasting artifacts from India and Tibet.

5. Twin Peaks at Harmon Center

Let’s just say the views at Twin Peaks inside Harmon Center aren’t limited to a panorama of CityCenter, but that view is nice, too.

“Honey, me and the guys are admiring the architecture, promise.” That blue building on the right is no longer there, by the way. Long story.

6. Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

The view from the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas is so spectacular, we can’t fit it all in one photo! The observation deck is 460 feet up, providing a sweeping view of The Strip, all the way to the north and south.

Eiffel Tower
Sure, you’re inside a cage for safety, but there are holes to stick your camera through, so who cares?

7. The Cosmopolitan Pool

Yep, The Cosmopolitan gets to be on this list twice, because while the suite view is wonderful, we like what we can see from the pool level, too.

Planet Hollywood
During the winter months, check out the skating rink. They throw in the captivating view for free with skate rentals.

8. VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub at Rio Las Vegas

Ads tout a view from 51 floors up, but it’s actually 41. When you see it, though, the marketing B.S. will be forgiven. The view is a true jaw-dropper. Here’s a Las Vegas Strip panorama from atop the Rio. You’re welcome.

CityCenter Las Vegas
This is just a fraction of what you can see from the Rio. We love us some Vegas sparkles.

9. Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas

That’s right, Paris Las Vegas gets two slots on this list, too. The view from the Eiffel Tower Restaurant isn’t just a view, it’s foreplay. Ask about table 56, the sexiest spot in Sin City.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant
Gorgeous, day or night.

10. Venetian Las Vegas

It all comes together at Venetian. There are the canals and gondolas, the dramatic columns (the Lion of Venice column and the column of St. Theodore, to be exact), the St. Mark’s bell tower, the whole “nove metri” (nine yards).

Venetian Las Vegas
The Strip is the best free show on The Strip.

There you go! Consider those 10 views your Las Vegas bucket list. Have another candidate for the “Best View in Las Vegas”? We’d love to hear about it.