The Pub, Street of Dreams and Pool Close at Monte Carlo to Make Way for Park MGM

The transition of Monte Carlo to Park MGM has begun in earnest with the closing of The Pub, the hotel’s pool and Street of Dreams shopping promenade.

Monte Carlo Street of Dreams
Break out the Kleenex! And not for the usual reason you break out Kleenex when you’re on the Internet, perv.

Naturally, we poked our nose in to check on the progress of the rebrand.

The Street of Dreams shopping area was eerily quiet, although lots of guests still walk through the rows of closed shops on their way to the tram for Aria and Bellagio.

Monte Carlo shops closed
It’s like “The Omega Man.” (Millennial translation: It’s like “I Am Legend.”)

Yes, all the shops in the Street of Dreams have left the building, including Starbucks and the Big Chill Bar, at least one of those we wish we’d have gotten a slushy drink from, because slushy drinks.

Monte Carlo shops closed
These two weren’t the best roommates, anyway.

Here’s a little walk-through of the closed Street of Dreams. Yes, we refer to it as the “Field of Dreams” at one point. We didn’t say all the liquor options at Monte Carlo had closed, did we?

By far, our favorite closure is that of a gift shop called MC Essentials, mainly because irony is the birth canal whence we were spawned. Or something.
Monte Carlo shops closed
Define “essential.”

For many, the closing of The Pub is the most bittersweet element of the changes going on at Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, capturing photos of The Pub would have involved a security breach, so we can’t share any here.

The Pub closed
You. Are so. Gullible.

Here’s another photo, just to ensure you have time to bid farewell to a beloved Las Vegas watering hole. A watering hole, we should add, which will always occupy a special place in our heart because that’s where we met and hung out for hours with the members of Wang Chung. We are not making this up.

Monte Carlo The Pub closed
Oh, great, now there’s a seat available.

Just outside, the Monte Carlo pool has closed and it already in the process of being tore up real good. Which is the technical term for it in the demolition world, probably.

Monte Carlo pool closed
You just got spared some melanoma. You’re welcome.

Guests of Monte Carlo still have access to a pool, it’s just at MGM Grand.

The closures of The Pub, the pool and the Shops We Never Visited Because Shopping is Boring are part of a $450 million rebrand of Monte Carlo by MGM Resorts. As mentioned, the new hotel will be called Park MGM. The resort will also have a hotel-within-a-hotel, NoMad Las Vegas.

The renovations and rebrand will be finished in 2018, and will bring lots of new offerings to the former Monte Carlo, including an Eataly marketplace, whatever that might actually be.

We really, really like sharing news about the rebrand of Monte Carlo because we wrote about it a year before anyone else. In the parlance of Las Vegas blogs, neener-neener.

If you’re looking for clues about what’s to come at Park MGM, look no further than the Monte Carlo’s exterior. The hotel has telegraphed its new look by painting a section of the building in what we assume with be Park MGM’s color scheme.

Monte Carlo Park MGM
Easiest security breach, ever.

Yes, we broke out the big lens. Somebody had to.

Monte Carlo Park MGM
We recommend you keep your curtains closed when staying in a Las Vegas hotel. Just saying.

There’s a lot more coolness to come, and you can rest assured we’ll be all over it like glitter on a stripper.

Or something appropriate.

Like a banana hammock on a Chippendale.

Oh, relax. Like you read this far, anyway.