“Pawn Shop Live,” That Show You Haven’t Seen, Is Moving to the Riviera Where You Also Probably Won’t See It

“Pawn Shop Live,” the over-the-top stage show based upon the reality TV hit “Pawn Stars,” is moving from its current home at downtown’s Golden Nugget to the Riviera, on The Strip.

The show closes at Golden Nugget on Mar. 29 and opens in the Starlite Theatre at the Riv on Apr. 21, 2014, where it will play at 4:30 p.m. At least for a couple of weeks. (Hey, it opened Jan. 21 at Golden Nugget, so we’re talking just a two-month run. Shaky.)

Pawn Shop Live
We don’t get the puppet, but we are a Las Vegas blog, not a professional theater critic.

The news release announcing the move says the casino and producers “mutually agreed on the move,” which in Vegas PR-speak means, “The ticket sales were disappointing, mainly due to mostly ‘meh’ reviews.”

We sort of enjoyed the show, and adore “Pawn Stars,” but we’re hoping this change of venues will afford the creative team of the stage show to tweak it where needed.

Read our wildly insightful review, and check out the official news release if you’re into reading more words.