Olympics Committee Calls on Las Vegas to Catch Cheaters

When you’re out to catch cheats, who do you call? Las Vegas, of course.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is partnering with the International Olympic Committee to help catch those who would try to fix matches or otherwise muck with event results.

Sochi Olympics
The Olympic motto is “Faster, higher, stronger.” The Nevada motto is “If we could figure out a way for you to urinate without stepping away from your slot machine, we would!”

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, the folks responsible for ensuring gamblers get a fair shake from casinos (which we realize probably should have been in quotation marks), already work with Major League Baseball and the NFL, but this is the first time they’ll be working with the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee is devoting $10 million to protect against illegal betting and match fixing (like point-shaving schemes) during the Winter Games in Sochi.

Sochi is in Russia, by the way. Not Japan. But everyone knows that. Especially us, immediately after we read the news release about all this.