We Were Eaten Alive by the Walking Dead Slot Machine

The much-anticipated “Walking Dead” video slot machines have finally arrived in Las Vegas casinos, and our first experience with the new game was a little like an arrow to the forehead, courtesy of Daryl’s trusty crossbow.

Walking Dead slot
Zombies are also called geeks, slackjaws, rotters, lurkers, shufflers, biters and zoms. At least that’s what we’ve horde.

This blog is a huge fan of AMC’s hit zombie series, so it was great seeing some familiar faces on the video reels.

The “Walking Dead” slot is based upon the first season of the show, so some of the characters in the slot machine (like Lori and Andrea, thankfully) have long since been bitten and have moved on to that big residuals check in the sky.

Walking Dead slot machine
Were we sorry to see Lori and Andrea go? Gnaw.

We give the game our best shot, but never got a single bonus! A guy sitting next to us won several hundred bucks, which certainly livened up the game. For him. You know how it is.

Without bonuses, the game is fairly boring, to be honest. There aren’t really video segments from the show, as have been advertised. The only real video is of zombie extras from Central Casting, and without more participation from the characters we care about, the game ends up being sort of a yawner.

There aren’t any whiz-band sound effects, and the sound is sort of muffled. The chair movement is limited to occasional jolts when a wheel bonus symbol appears.

Here’s some video of the game and some of the alleged bonuses.

If you’d like to check out the game for yourself, and hopefully you’ll have better luck than we did, it’s in the casinos at Bellagio, The Mirage, The Palms and Arizona Charlie’s (on South Decatur).

Thanks to our friends at VegasChatter.com for letting us know where these things are so we didn’t have to drive up and down The Strip endlessly to find one.

Walking Dead slot machine
When you cash out, virtual coins shower down, as if you weren’t cashing out for 65 cents. Grrr.

We look forward to hearing what you think. Our enjoyment of a slot machine doesn’t rely upon winning, of course. Although it certainly doesn’t hurt. It just seems as though the manufacturer may have relied too heavily on the “Walking Dead” name recognition, instead of going for something unexpected or immersive or exciting (you know, like a zombie apocalypse), as we’ve come to expect from the latest video slot machines.

Share your thoughts in the comments section so we know whether or not to give the “Walking Dead” slot machine another try. Maybe next time it won’t take such a big bite out of our wallet.