New Cosmopolitan Ad Brutalizes the Eyes and Ears, Not In a Good Way

The Cosmopolitan has had weird ads from day one. But the latest ad from this trendy Strip resort isn’t just quirky good fun, it’s an assault on the senses. And not the good kind of assault on the senses, either.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
The new Cosmo ad features on-screen phrases that appear to have resulted from a copywriter falling into a giant blender.

While we love The Cosmopolitan, its ads have gone from “Just the right amount of wrong” to “Just horribly wrong.”

Here’s a look at the new ad. Don’t blame us for your impending psychotic break.

According to a story in Adweek, the executives behind this creative train wreck believe even if people hate the ad, “they’re going to notice it and talk about it.”

Well, we can’t argue with that logic. People are still talking about the Titanic, after all.