Mystery Erection in Downtown Las Vegas Explained

We love a good mystery, and this one lasted upwards of two days.

A mysterious blue structure has been erected recently, just across Las Vegas Boulevard from Stratosphere. It’s the tall, skinny one. Please try and keep up.

At first glance, the blue structure has no obvious purpose.

Blue erections
What’s your best guess? We’ll wait.

We flew into action to solve the mystery, of course, and it turns out the series of blue walls are handball, paddleball and racquetball courts.

There are presumably 18 courts, but we could only pick out 15. We smell a scandal!

The courts will host the 2016 3WallBall World Championships, Sep. 21-25, in partnership with the Stratosphere.

Here’s a view of the structures that makes their purpose clearer.

3wallball championships
The walls are 16 feet high, which makes things really awkward when you’re slow dancing with them. Or something.

Apparently, Las Vegas is sorely lacking in handball, paddleball and racquetball courts. (It does, however, have a plethora of pickleball courts.)

The 3WallBall World Championships include a kids clinic, charity events, amateur and pro competitions and a truck show. Because trucks just make everything better.

Find out more about the 3WallBall World Championships on the event’s Facebook page or official Web site. The 3WallBall World Championships will stream on ESPN.

There’s never a dull moment in Las Vegas. Although, given the feedback about our podcast, we’re no longer sure that’s true.