Here’s Your Caesars Palace Entrance Overhaul Progress Report

Caesars Palace is giving its main entrance a major overhaul, and we’re pretty sure you’re too lazy (sorry, busy) to check it out in person, so we’ve got an update.

You’re welcome.

Caesars construction
Security breaches are barely security breaches when the fence is only six feet tall.

It’s hard to miss the fact there’s major work going on at Caesars Palace.

There’s a giant crane right in front of the iconic casino.

In Las Vegas, cranes mean something’s happening, and that “something” is typically awesome.

To further perpetuate the false narrative we’re awesome, we took a walk through Caesars Palace to get a look at what’s doing.

Caesars Entertainment announced the main entrance renovation in July 2021 and work commenced immediately.

The project is expected to reach its climax by New Year’s Eve. So, we all have that in common. Hey-o.

Here’s a look at where the renovation is headed.

You thought we were kidding about the climax? Also, please grow up.

The renovation will result in a high dome ceiling, 15-foot Caesar statue, two redesigned casino areas and new lobby bar.

We probably should’ve reversed the order of that list, lobby bar importancewise.

This next shot will help provide scale for how massive this renovation actually is.

Top security breach tip: Push your camera agains the mesh fencing and it disappears.

Fun fact: The Caesars Palace porte-cochere was featured in “Ocean’s 11.” In the film, a robber gets popped by casino security in 1987. “He came, he
grabbed, they conquered.”

Caesars Palace hasn’t shared what the cost of the renovation will be, other than to say “multi-million,” but the over/under is $10 million.

While the construction is causing some temporary inconveniences to guests, the finished product promises to be worthy of this classic casino resort.

Stop your whining, you’re in Las Vegas!

There’s already a “wow” factor in the hotel’s check-in area, complete with an ornate fountain and Three Graces, and it was high time the “main entrance” got some love.

Caesars Palace is one of the few themed hotels in Las Vegas where the theme remains cool and timeless, as opposed to a little cringy (looking at you, Excalibur). No small feat.

You know we’ll be at Caesars Palace when the new main entrance is revealed. We can’t wait to see the new lobby bar. Sorry, dome ceiling.