Fontainebleau Las Vegas Whips Out Girthy Casino Loyalty Club Program

Fontainebleau has released details about its loyalty club program, Fontainebleau Rewards.

The new Las Vegas resort opens Dec. 13, 2023 at 11:45 p.m. Don’t ask.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fontainebleau Rewards, including “Bleau Points,” a name which is both glorious and awkward, just the way we like our Las Vegas. Fontainebleau is pronounced “fountain-blue,” so stop your infantile tittering.

Infantile Tittering was the name of our band in high school.

Fontainebleau Rewards is described as a “tiered, inclusive loyalty program,” which is utterly adorable, as long as you don’t understand what the words “tiered” or “inclusive” actually mean.

The Fontainebleau Rewards tiers are: Bleau, Silver, Gold and You Will Never Achieve This Tier (also known as Royal). Bonus: It appears Fontainebleau has taken this opportunity to unveil its new logo treatment.

Here are the loyalty club tiers, along with what it takes to attain them.

Go home, Fontainebleau logo, you’re drunk.

On the bright side, that fancy logo treatment is a lot better than the one which originally appeared on the Fontainebleau hotel tower. It was subsequently removed.

The Clippy the paperclip logo has left the building.

Here’s another look at the new logo, possibly created specifically for the loyalty club.

Here’s proof even calligraphers can get hand cramps.

How do you accumulate Fontainebleau Rewards Tier Credits? Gamble. It’s not rocket science.

Here’s what the FAQ says: “Tier Credits are earned and accumulated within a calendar year (January-December). Your Tier Status and access to associated Tier Benefits are effective the date the Tier Status is achieved through December 31 of the following year. Every January 1, your Tier Credits are reset to zero.”

The point to tiers, of course, are the higher the tier, the better the perks. Here are the Tier benefits for Fontainebleau Rewards.

We’re really just here for the discounted ATM fees.

No big surprises, although, every casino should have discounted or free ATM fees for its loyalty club members.

Fontainebleau doesn’t have casino experience (the Miami Fontainebleau doesn’t have a casino), so they sort of took all the standard features of a casino loyalty club and coated it in some Fontainebleau flair.

Beyond Tier Credits, there are points, of course. Fontainebleau Rewards has Bleau Points and Play Points. Bleau Points can be used to pay for things at the resort, Play Points are for free slot play.

Item 26 in the Terms and Conditions: “Card must be properly inserted in the card reader to accumulate Tier Credits, Bleau Points and Play Points…” Also, do not eat Tide Pods.

Here’s more about Bleau Points. Your continued tittering is duly noted: “Bleau Points are Fontainebleau Rewards’ resort credit currency, worth $0.01 per point. Fontainebleau Rewards members earn 5% in Bleau Points on eligible hotel and resort spend and 3% in Bleau Points on rated slot play. (Members do not earn Bleau Points on table games play.) Convert every 100 Bleau Points to $1 in resort credit for use on hotel stay, in-room dining, restaurants, spa, day/nightlife, and Fontainebleau-owned retail. Unused Bleau Points expire 13 months after the date they were earned.”

There’s a lot of small print, so visit the Fontainebleau site for more information.

Fontainebleau is giving off some serious Battlecruiser vibes.

Table games players should note: “Your table play earns Tier Credits, and more Tier Credits means a higher Tier Status. Although you will not earn Bleau Points or Play Points, your table play helps you reach the next Tier Status—where the rewards just keep getting better.”

We are sure to be asked about tier matching. The answer is no. But give it a minute. There are going to be challenges ahead for Fontainebleau (no foot traffic, no casino experience, no hotel partner, flat Las Vegas visitation, for starters), and tier matching will be in the mix as the resort tries to attract players.

Unrelated: Everybody asks if Fontainebleau will have a poker room. The answer is no. They apparently decided to only have offerings that generate revenue for the casino. Yeah, we said it.

Anyway, Fontainebleau’s loyalty club is pretty standard stuff. Why they waited until two days before opening to share this information, we have no idea. We’ve given up on trying to figure out why Fontainebleau does anything.

We are not making this up. It’s in their sizzle reel.

All we know is we were blown away during our recent tour, and suspect you will have a similar reaction.

Fontainebleau has restored our faith in Las Vegas. It’s over-the-top, luxurious and simply spectacular. Simply put, Fontainebleau is to The Strip as Circa is to downtown.

It’s also one of the biggest gambles in Las Vegas history.

We hope to see you there! Reminder: No direct eye contact, no autographs and keep the conversation to less than three minutes if we’re playing video poker.