Downtown’s Gold Spike Ready to Debut Its Skating Rink

The Gold Spike in downtown Las Vegas doesn’t have gambling anymore, but we do stop by occasionally, anyway.

Visitors will soon have a new reason to visit, as the Gold Spike is readying a new skating rink, adding to the skating options on The Strip currently provided by The Venetian and The Cosmopolitan.

Gold Spike skating rink
The Gold Spike originally opened as Rendezvous, back in 1976.

The new rink is 4,000-square-feet. Click here for a panorama shot that shows the whole shebang.

Like the rink at The Venetian, the rink at Gold Spike doesn’t use actual ice. The rink will use a synthetic material which doesn’t melt, nor does it require refrigeration.

Gold Spike snake
This is the part where we insert a photo of a snake in a Santa hat and scarf. Don’t ask.

Beyond the skating rink, the Gold Spike is going for a full-on winter village vibe, with portable wood cabins and fire pits.

Gold Spike rink
We suspect the hot chocolate will be flying off the shelves.

The center of the rink has a Christmas tree we assume will look a lot more charming when it’s lit up.

Gold Spike skating rink
Here’s hoping they put some padding on the pole. If you know what we’re saying.

Unrelated to simulated winter sports, after our whirlwind tour of the skating rink, we ventured inside the Gold Spike to try the Gold Spike Grill. This place is just full of surprises, as we ended up having one of the best burgers we’ve had downtown, ever. (Its only competition is the burger at Binion’s Cafe.)

Gold Spike burger
The Gold Spike Burger ($9) is a blend of grilled chuck and short rib. Tasty steak fries or “spice” fries come with.

Delicious, and wonderful party fuel for a downtown adventure. Check out the full Gold Spike Grill menu.

Just when we’re ready to write off the Gold Spike for being a little too hipster, a little too laptoppy, and not table-gamesy enough, they go and make a delicious burger we’ll have to return for again sometime soon.

We do love us some happy Las Vegas discoveries.