Don’t Be That Guy in Las Vegas

Just when we thought we’d seen everything.

We were strolling through a casino and noticed a player at a blackjack table with a giant drink at his side. Not uncommon in Las Vegas, of course. But this particular guy? Please, please don’t be him.

that guy in Vegas
Wait for it.

Here’s his transgression. As he played, he was pouring his complimentary casino cocktails into his portable, plastic cocktail vessel (bonus: neck strap), presumably to be enjoyed after he left.

Dude, really?

That has got to be one of the lowest class moves we’ve ever witnessed in any casino. It’s along the same lines as bringing Ziploc bags to a Las Vegas buffet. It’s tacky as hell, and that’s being kind.

When we mentioned this incident to another dealer at the casino, she said, “It’s Las Vegas, we’ve seen it all.”

With any luck, we won’t be seeing this particular WTF again anytime soon.