Buddy V’s Pizza ATM Delivers at Linq

We’re a big fan of Buddy Valastro’s new offerings at Linq, including Boss Cafe and the Jersey Eats food truck.

That said, we were highly skeptical about his new pizza vending machines.

We’re happy to report the pizza is excellent, and once again Humankind has harnessed technology to solve problems and satisfy our drunchies.

Here’s the skinny on this new food option at Linq.

Everyone loves Buddy Valastro and pizza, so a Buddy V pizza ATM seems like a no-brainer.

If the name Buddy Valastro isn’t familiar to you, please get out of the house more. He’s the star of the reality hit, “Cake Boss.”

Valastro is behind Buddy V’s restaurant at Venetian, and Pizza Cake at Harrah’s.

He recently opened the aforementioned Boss Cafe and Jersey Eats at Linq. They were an immediate hit with us.

Boss Cafe sits in the space formerly occupied by Nook Cafe. Jersey Eats was previously Linq Sandwich Co. (for a minute) and Sticky Chicken before that.

Read all about Boss Cafe and Jersey Eats.

Today, though, we’re going to talk about the pizza ATMs at Linq.

The pizza ATMs follow the success of Valastro’s cake vending machines sprouting up across Las Vegas. Our best tip if you try these machines is to wait until the
cake is room temperature.

There are two pizza vending machines at Linq. One near the hotel’s elevators, the other on the main casino floor, not far from Tag sports bar.

Back when Linq was Imperial Palace, these elevators were the stuff of legend, and not in a good way.

The pizza ATMs offer three varieties of slices, including Italiano, pepperoni and cheese.

While the prices are “elevated,” remember, you’re not just buying a slice of pizza, you’re paying for an experience! And also convenience. If you’ve been to Vegas lately, you know it’s been tough finding 24/7 food options. This vending machine is that, and when you’re hungry (and possibly intoxicated), a few extra bucks for a slice isn’t that big a deal.

A cheese slice is $9.95 (two slices, $19.95), pepperoni is $10.85 (two slices, $19.95) and Italiano is $10.95 (two for $19.95). So, there’s a little discount for doubling up on the pepperoni and Italiano.

Is there nothing robots can’t do?

Payment is taking via card (no cash), and you have the option of ordering your pizza cold or hot. Which is weird, but there’s no accounting for taste.

We opted for hot, of course.

The slices are refrigerated in the machine, not frozen, and when you place your order, the slice goes into something called a TurboChef.

We chatted with Buddy Valastro at a media event and he was very excited about the TurboChef. We don’t know much about TurboChef technology, but we do know pizza, and this process results in a slice that’s piping hot and ready to devour.

The heating process takes 2-3 minutes, and there’s a handy countdown clock to let you know when your slice will be ready.

Here’s a quick look at the Boss Cafe pizza ATM ordering process.


The Italiano slice was quite good, although it’s not heavy on the cheese.

Fun fact: The mozzarella is made by hand, on-site at Boss Cafe, by Buddy Valastro’s father-in-law, Mauro Belgiovine.

Despite being prepared in a vending machine, the crust is fluffy and delicious, with a crunchy bottom.

Better than Secret Pizza at Cosmo. Yeah, we said it.

The ingredients taste fresh, and while slices could technically stay in the machine up to three days due to the refrigeration, with this foot traffic and sales volume, we trust the pizza ATM is restocked often.

The machine tracks the temperatures of the fridge and oven in real time.

The slices, Valastro says, are the same ones served in the Boss Cafe. So, when Boss Cafe is open, you might as well head over that way. The main reason is the vending machine doesn’t serve desserts.

Remember, Vegas calories don’t count.

We were pleasantly surprised the Buddy V pizza ATM delivered a satisfying slice.

You’re on your own with napkins and utensils, as the machine doesn’t provide those. The box serves as a plate, though.

We assume Linq staff will be mildly annoyed people are eating pizza at nearby slot machines, but many will take the pizza to their hotel room or out onto the Linq promenade.

All the usual warnings apply when trying the first bite of any pizza slice. Take it easy if you’d prefer not to burn the roof of your mouth. That TurboChef doesn’t mess around.

Please grow up.

We assume you’re skeptical about Buddy V’s pizza ATM, but we also suspect you’ll give it a try at some point. We’d love to hear what you think.

Whether you get a slice at Boss Cafe or from the vending machine, don’t miss the must-try zeppoles at the Jersey Eats food truck. They’ll change your life and your waistline.