Confirmed: WrestleMania Returns to Las Vegas in 2025

A popular sports-themed entertainment event, WrestleMania, is coming to Las Vegas. WrestleMania 41 happens at Allegiant Stadium on April 19-20, 2025.

The rest of this story is mainly going to be about how we told everyone this was happening back in February 2024, breaking the story before all of the “sports journalists” and “wrestling experts” and “pundits” and “fans” and “Twitter know-it-alls.”

It’s not lost on us that we are a noted sports expert despite the fact we think sports are ruining Las Vegas and the world.

Despite our obvious expertise in this area, we are not entirely sure professional wrestling is a sport, per se.

We first got wind of WrestleMania’s return to Las Vegas, the first time since 1993, back on Feb. 9, 2024. Here’s our story.

Our scoop made quite a ripple in the wrestling community, a community which appears to be unfamiliar with the fact we would not know a Tombstone Piledriver from a Virgin Screwdriver.

Nevertheless, someone named the Undertaker repeated our story on April 19, 2024, sending the wrestling world into a full-blown tizzy.

Anyway, the WWE took its sweet time officially confirming our story, but they eventually did on May 4, 2024.

There’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of a rumor being confirmed.

Sorry, former WrestleMania frontrunner Minnesota. You’ve still got your Jucy Lucys, whatever those might be.

Following the confirmation of our scoop, we were promoted to “sports blogger” by a totally legitimate news source that definitely does not use A.I. to write its stories.

Nailed it, just like their rendering of Allegiant Stadium.

The WWE is now owned by Endeavor Group Holdings, or possibly TKO Group Holdings. Heel extraordinaire Vince McMahon is finally out-out (following allegations of sex trafficking). We don’t care who owns WWE, but whoever it is, they clearly know what’s up because WrestleMania is coming back where it belongs. Vegas. In case you have just been skimming this story. Rude.

One must be a very special type of person to care about WrestleMania. It’s sort of like a soap opera, but with Spandex banana hammocks.

The “competitions” are scripted entertainment, but that doesn’t seem to matter to fans, and WrestleMania is wrestling’s biggest, most visible, most financially lucrative event.

Of the 10 biggest wrestling events of all time, WrestleMania holds an impressive nine of those slots.

Mostly, pro wrestling is a chance for manly men to touch each other in public. In everyday life, non-sexual touching between men is largely limited to hugs and high-fives in sports books. But pro wrestling is mostly populated by muscular men in revealing uniforms. Many of the holds are very intimate.

Here’s a look at the aforementioned piledriver.

We hope WrestleMania 69 will be held in Vegas, too!

Whether or not you consider pro wrestling a sport, there’s no denying the participants are athletes.

Wrestlers put their lives on the line for fans, as “mortality rates for professional wrestlers are up to 2.9 times greater than the rate for men in the wider United States population.”

Beyond all the deaths and men watching other men in underwear and all the sex trafficking and such, wrestling continues to be a major draw, and Las Vegas is ready to grease up its thighs in anticipation of WrestleMania 41 in 2025.

We pledge to continue to give you all the scoop about things we don’t care about well into the near future.