An Awkward Peek Behind the Curtains at Wynn Theater

It’s been a long time waiting for an announcement of the new show at Wynn Las Vegas.

The resort has been tight-lipped about the new show, and the Wynn Theater has been enclosed by construction walls for months.

Now, those construction walls are curtains. Curtains that part. There’s not a lot to see, but we took a look, anyway. It’s Wynn.

Yes, we poke around. We are a noted poker-arounder.

Wynn Las Vegas is always careful about what its guests see, and what they don’t, and it’s one of the things we like about the place. Improvements are done quietly and with minimal disruption to the Wynn experience.

In this case, though, construction means we’re getting closer to the unveil of the new show.

There are currently three areas behind curtains, all in various stages of transition to the new show’s theme.

We typically call such photos a “security breach,” but when it’s a curtain, it barely qualifies. “Security breach” sounds sexy, so let’s go with it.

The man usually in charge of interior design at Wynn is the wildly creative Todd-Avery Lenahan. Lenahan is among the people who wouldn’t tell us anything about the new show, yet we like him, anyway. He has a metric hell-ton of “joie de vivre.”

The CEO of Wynn Resorts, Craig Billings, who we also like, says the show will be something new and different. Not super helpful, but we’ll take it if that’s actually the case.

It’s a testament to the Wynn Resorts brand that their under construction areas are more interesting that the finished areas at many Las Vegas resorts.

One of the only crumbs we’ve gotten about the new show is it’s not another Cirque-style show like “Le Reve.”

Le Reve closed at Wynn during the pandemic. The production’s final performance happened March 10, 2020. The cast and production crew didn’t know it at the time.

Please don’t 86 us, Wynn Resorts. People are interested in your new show and your video wall and that slick camouflage toolbox.

Insiders also say the new show at Wynn is “dance with magic.” That’s something!

Visuals are important in any show, but at Wynn, it’s especially important. Wynn Las Vegas sees a lot of international travelers, and dancing and magic surmount the language barrier. (See also Cirque du Soleil.)

The only other nugget we’ve been able to dig up about Wynn’s new show is the working title, “Olympus.” That’s the name in the hotel’s computer system, but we’ve been told that working title is a diversion. Probably to thwart us, personally, which we appreciate.

So, “Olympic”? “Olympiad”? “Olympian”? “Olympia”? “Oliphant”? “Olybrius”? Will there be tunics? Will it be set in Lesbos? One can only hope.

We’ve been told she show hasn’t been named yet, and rehearsals haven’t started yet.

We’ll keep sticking our nose where it probably doesn’t belong to bring you all the Wynn entertainment scoop. Or any other scoop that presents itself.

One last look behind the curtain before the curtain goes up at Wynn Theater.

One thing we know for sure is the new show at Wynn won’t be water-based. The “Le Reve” (French for “The Dream”) pool was torn up and filled in.

Our peek behind the curtains at Wynn didn’t answer too many questions, but we’ll check back again.

If every casino could use curtains rather than construction walls, that’d be great and it would make our job much easier.

Expect to hear more about the new show at Wynn Las Vegas soonish. Wynn says, “Our newest dream comes true in the fall of 2022.”

Update (9/6/22): Our sources say the name of the new show at Wynn Las Vegas is “Awakenings.” A separate source shares “Awakenings” cost a jaw-dropping $150 million. The theme of the show is said to be “saving magic.”