Amorino at Linq Promenade is Destination Gelato

Linq Promenade has had a recent string of successes with openings including In-N-Out and Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips. A new gelato shop, Amorino, could end up stealing the spotlight, though, especially when summer rolls around.

Amorino Gelato Linq Promenade
An “amorino” is a cherub, also known as a “chubby male child who has had a few too many servings of gelato.”

Amorino is a gelato brand already familiar to Europeans, and now the delicious Italian ice cream has made its way to the Las Vegas Strip. (There’s another location at the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets, but this one’s better because, well, The Strip.)

Amorino replaces a failed gift shop, Koto, adjacent to Chayo Mexican Kitchen.

Guests will immediately notice Amorino’s signature offering, cones with gelato scooped to resemble flowers.

Amorino Gelato Las Vegas
Everything’s better with a macaron stuffed in it.

Thank you, tourists, for letting us take photos of your gelato flowers, which definitely sounds dirtier than it is.

Amorino also offers a wide variety of gelato-filled macarons, sweet, meringue-based confections that definitely aren’t the same as macaroons. Thanks, Wikipedia.

Amorino Gelato Las Vegas
The ruffled circumference of a macaron is called the “foot,” so when you have one, you’re putting your foot in your mouth. Bonus: Ruffled Circumference would make a great band name.

Amorino’s gelato comes in a dizzying variety of flavors, including our personal favorite, stracciatella.

Fair warning: Strip pricing is in full effect at Amorino. A small cone will run you $5.50, the large (“Classic”) will set you back $8.50. Gelato is also available in cups, running from small ($5.50) to the Maxi ($14.00). It’s great gelato, so it only stings for a minute.

Amorino gelato Linq
Pay no attention. You’ll get it back at Wheel of Fortune.

The “Macarons al Gelato” are $2.50, but you can save a couple of bucks if you get them in bulk. Twelve cost $28.50, 24 cost $56.

Also available in the 1,500-square-foot shop are several items we didn’t pay nearly as much attention to as the gelato, like specialty coffee, crepes, waffles, hot cocoa and chocolates.

Amorino gelato Linq Vegas
Worth the wait, worth the price and worth enduring bloggers taking photos of your gelato. Probably.

The world of frosty treats center-Strip has been in turmoil of late, with our favorite ice cream place, Ice Pan, closing at Harrah’s. Amorino is worthy successor, so be sure to put your tongue on it. Unless that makes you feel uncomfortable, then definitely do it. You’re in Las Vegas.

Amorino Gelato at Linq Promenade