Wanted Alleged Las Vegas Thief Captured in Utah, Faces 25 Years in Prison

Posted on: November 28, 2018, 08:25h. 

Last updated on: November 28, 2018, 08:25h.

An alleged Las Vegas thief on the run since skipping his court sentencing in August has been captured in Utah living under an alias with a family who had no idea he was a wanted man.

Las Vegas thief casino crime
Mark Georgantas’ days living it up on other people’s dimes are likely over after the alleged Las Vegas con man on the run was captured. (Image: Nevada Attorney General’s Office/Sevier County Sheriff/Casino.org)

Mark Georgantas was arrested in Salina, Utah, on Tuesday afternoon after law enforcement and the Nevada attorney general’s office pinpointed the fugitive. When Utah sheriff deputies approached the home owned by Aston Fugal and her father Jess and showed them a picture of Mark, they responded, “That’s Todd.”

The Fugals told law enforcement that Georgantas had been living on their property since late October when he met them at an area Denny’s restaurant. He claimed his car had broken down and needed a place to say, and that his name was Todd Wolf.

Georgantas tried to hide in a closet on Tuesday, but was captured.

Plea Deal Off

Georgantas skipped his sentencing in August where he faced two to five years behind bars. He had reached a plea deal on allegations that he swindled money in 2013 from Las Vegas patrons after convincing them he “had a proven, guaranteed system to win money playing certain casino games.”

Prosecutors said Georgantas was able to essentially steal around $350,000 from two victims. Along with promising a profit on their “loans,” he said he was making a documentary that would expose how easy it is to win in Las Vegas.

Georgantas’ games of choice were supposedly roulette and craps. “Talk about living the dream,” he told potential “investors” in online forums.

Where else can you fall out of bed, go downstairs to a table, win, and go to the cashier? No employees, no boss, no inventory, no hassle. Pure cash, baby!” Georgantas declared.

The plea deal was retracted when Georgantas failed to show up for his sentencing. Prosecutors are expected to now throw the book at him, and he’s looking at 10 to 25 years in prison.

Five felony charges have been reinstated that include securities fraud and theft in the amount of $3,500 or more. Prosecutors can also argue that Georgantas is a “habitual criminal,” a classification that allows additional penalties to be placed on convicted offenders.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Georgantas has a long rap sheet, and once escaped from minimum-security prison.

Double Life

Despite being on the lam for months, Georgantas, whose aliases included “Mr. Smooth” and “Mark Gigantis,” apparently wasn’t ready to end his casino scheme to take. The Fugals say he was “really nice” during his stay at their house, but did repeatedly inquire about money.

The elder father says Georgantas explained he could easily make them a lot of money by taking casinos. “He didn’t get into me in any way,” Fugal told the Review-Journal.

“I don’t have any money to be had. He kept asking, ‘Isn’t there any way you can come up with something?’ I said, ‘No, I’m flat. You’ll have to find somebody else for that.'”