‘Squatter’ Turns $7M Park Avenue Townhouse into High-Stakes Poker, Prostitution Den

Posted on: January 3, 2022, 03:52h. 

Last updated on: January 3, 2022, 04:11h.

An alleged squatter at a $7 million Park Avenue property is ruffling the plumage of his wealthy neighbors. That’s allegedly because he converted the five-bedroom brownstone townhouse into a “members only” high-stakes poker and prostitution den.

Kenyatti Adams
Kenyatti Adams is accused of running high-stakes poker games and prostitution at the property, but claims he cannot leave because of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Image: Kenyatti Adams/Facebook)

According to a lawsuit filed by the owner of the property, Mitch Spaiser, a man named Kenyatti Adams is currently using the residence “to host illegal poker games, to host sex trafficking and prostitution activities, and to hold illegal after-hours parties.”

The plaintiff wants the alleged interloper evicted. But Adams says he is unable to leave because the financial pressures of COVID-19 have left him debilitated and unable to pay the rent. He has demanded tens of thousands of dollars to vacate, according to the complaint.

Adams goes by the name “BigBodyYatti.” He describes himself on his Instagram account as an app designer and “NYC POWER BROKER,” caps his own. He also claims he has links to King of Diamonds Atlanta, a strip club in Forest Park, Ga.

‘Den of Iniquity’

Spaiser bought the Park Avenue property as an investment. But according to court documents, his nest egg quickly became a nest of vipers after he rented it to Brazilian interior designer Patricia Taub for $16,000 per month.

Unknown to her landlord, Taub sublet the property to another defendant in the suit named Ashley Jurman. That’s when complaints about antisocial behavior came streaming in to the New York’s 311 hotline.

According to the filings, the NYPD received 14 complaints about unruly behavior at the house in the ensuing four months. This included one from a neighbor who was out of town when partygoers broke into his apartment. One reveler was captured on video strolling into the property with his pants down and genitals on display.

It appears that they are using the apartment as a club. Loud music, marijuana smell, not following social distancing rules. Not wearing mask. Two men that act as bouncers standing outside. This happens on the weekend,” a neighbor complained to the Department of Buildings in December 2020.

$1K Minimum Buy-in

Adams is now believed to be the sole occupant. The parties he allegedly organizes at the property are promoted on social media. One post shows a poker table set up inside with the walls painted black.

And while Adams has denied, via his lawyer, that he is doing anything illegal, a promo from June announced “BigBodyYatti” would be holding a poker game with a $1,000 minimum buy-in. The event would include drinks and “talent,” the post said.

“This is a case of the most egregious abuse of New York’s tenant protection laws being wrongfully used by bad actors to manipulate and take advantage of the system at the expense of the owners,” Spaiser’s lawyer, Victor Feraru, told The New York Post.