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Leslie Kenyon, Greyhound racing, live lure, Victoria

Aussie Greyhound Racing Trainers Suspended for Brutal Live-Lure Tactics

Greyhound racing regulators in the state of Victoria, Australia, have suspended a veteran trainer after a targeted inspection of his kennels unearthed evidence of live-lure training. The practice, called live baiting or “blooding,” is banned for its cruelty. Trainer Leslie...

Philip Conneller September 7, 2023

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Greyhound racing, ban, West Virginia, Mardi Gras, Wheelers Island

Greyhound Protection Act Would End Dog Racing in West Virginia

A federal bill that would phase out greyhound racing in West Virginia, the sport’s last bastion in the US, hasn't been welcomed by the...

Philip Conneller June 12, 2023
Florida, greyhound racing, D’Arcy Kennel

Florida Greyhound Kennel Can’t Claim Compensation for Racing Ban

A Florida greyhound kennel has failed in its bid to claim compensation for financial damages incurred by the state’s 2018 ban on dog race...

Philip Conneller May 30, 2023
live lure

Greyhound Breeder Still Racing Despite Admitting to Illegal ‘Live Lure’ Training

A Colorado greyhound breeder who has admitted using the cruel and illegal practice of live-lure training is scheduled to race dogs in Arkansas and...

Philip Conneller February 9, 2022