Maryland Casino Kidnapper Confesses, Sentenced to Decade in Prison

Posted on: May 6, 2022, 02:53h. 

Last updated on: May 6, 2022, 02:32h.

One of several men accused in the armed abduction of a victim from a Maryland gaming property was sentenced this week to more than 10 years in prison. The victim was also beaten and had his life threatened, and his money and valuables were stolen.

Federal Judge George J. Hazel
Federal Judge George J. Hazel, pictured above. A former prosecutor, Hazel sentenced a man to more than 10 years in prison for a violent kidnapping from a Maryland casino. (Image: Baltimore Sun)

Christopher Allen Young of Washington, DC, age 26, who also goes by the name of “40,” was ordered to spend 126 months behind bars for conspiracy to commit kidnapping. He must also spend five years in supervised release after his sentence concludes.

Maryland federal Judge George J. Hazel announced the sentence after Young pled guilty in the case. Before becoming a judge in 2014, Hazel was an assistant US Attorney in Washington, DC. and in Maryland, as well as chief deputy state’s attorney for Baltimore, Maryland. He is a graduate of Georgetown law school.

The prison term was announced this week by Maryland US Attorney Erek L. Barron.

The name of the gaming property was never released by federal officials.

Robbed at Gunpoint

The case stems from a Feb. 3, 2021 incident, when Young and other defendants, identified by prosecutors as Anthony Hebron, also known as “Pain,” Darius Lawrence Young, also known as “Mup,” and Lamar Perkins allegedly played a role in the robbing and assault of the victim at gunpoint after getting him to travel to Washington, DC.

Anthony Hebron and Darius Lawrence Young have pleaded guilty in the case, too.

The lure was that they would arrange for him to meet women. They stole approximately $6,000 and other items from him, prosecutors said.

The bandits agreed to share the proceeds from the robbery.

Casino Chips Stolen

Among the items robbed were at least $1,500 in MGM Casino chips, officials added. It is unclear if the incident involved an MGM gaming property.

The victim also suffered a wound on his forehead, cuts on his mouth and eye, and a broken nose during the robbery. At one point in the scheme,  Christopher Young threatened if the victim “gets feisty, I don’t want to have to crush him,” prosecutors revealed.

The robbers initially met the victim at the Maryland casino, and he willingly sat down in a car with them. Once in Washington, a suspect pulled out a firearm and pointed it at the victim. The robbers then stole a cellphone, wallet, and hotel room key. The bandits got violent after the victim refused to provide a code for a room safe at an unnamed hotel. Eventually, he told them the code after he was struck in the forehead with the firearm.

Young and another suspect later forced the victim to accompany them to a boiler room of an apartment building. The victim was once again assaulted. They also threatened to kill him. Later, the suspects fled the boiler room, with the victim remaining there.

Young allegedly told the victim: “If the police come, or anything come, I got your address. Mom … your little brother, all them is gone,” prosecutors said.